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FREE book: 'The Great Diet Deception'

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    I just published my first book, based of of my own personal health journey from good health, to debilitating illness (because of diets), back to good health. It is based off of much of the research of authors like Matt Stone and Weston Price. It is currently in a free promotion here:

    And if you like it, please let your friends know and write a review, Id be very appreciative!

    The following is a summary of the book and my info about me as the author:

    Do you have ‘diet rules’ to limit the intake of certain foods such as grains, wheat, dairy, saturated fat, meat, salt, or sugar because you have been told that they aren’t good for you? Perhaps you ignore your body’s hunger signals by restricting calories so you can lose weight? Or maybe you purposely limit your servings of cake and hamburgers and ice-cream even though your body desperately craves them? Well what if I told you that many cultures lived longer and much healthier lives than we do today, yet thrived on the very foods we often demonize? What if I told you that the studies that ‘experts’ reference to demonize these foods are far from conclusive, and that the real problem is how most of our food is grown and processed today? And finally, what if I told you that ignoring your body’s food cravings and hunger signals is actually causing your body incredible amounts of stress…. and setting the stage for a ruined metabolism and a myriad of other health problems down the road? ‘The Great Diet Deception’ will show you what the real root causes of our health problems are, and why throwing away the diet rules and entrusting your body to decide what, when, and how much to eat is paramount for good health.

    About the author: Zak Roedde was one of the countless millions of people who have been deceived by the false promises of self-enforced diet rules. He endured a painful 12 year journey of rules and restrictions on his diet which were recommended by various ‘experts’ to achieve good health. Instead, all he achieved was an accumulation of dozens of debilitating health problems which brought him close to an early death. He eventually came to the obvious, yet strangely elusive truth; our food cravings and hunger signals are not dysfunctional, and following them is essential to long term good health. He then began following his cravings to eat what, when, and how much he wanted and eventually underwent a full recovery. He now enjoys great health with no food rules, and has no intention of ignoring his body ever again.

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