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    I’ve been eyeing Jon Gabriel and his methods of destressing and visualization this week, but that’s hardly the point. His organization sent out a mass email about the Eating Psychology online conference that includes experts from all over the field at

    Here are the times for today’s speeches:

    1pm PT/4pm ET: Eating Psychology: The Big Picture with Marc David
    2pm PT/5pm ET: Women, Food, God and More with Geneen Roth
    3pm PT/6pm ET: Functional Nutrition and Eating Psychology with Mark Hyman, M.D.
    4pm PT/7pm ET: Hormones and Inner Health with Sara Gottfried, MD
    5pm PT/8pm ET: The Science of The Hunger Fix and Food Addiction with Dr. Pam Peeke
    6pm PT/9pm ET: Nourishing the World with John Robbins
    7pm PT/10pm ET: The Deep Politics of Food, Women and Global Health with Vandana Shiva
    8pm PT/11pm ET: Health at Every Size with Dr. Linda Bacon

    Take what you will out of it (with a grain of salt, of course)

    Just thought someone might enjoy it. :)

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