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Help! Gaining Weight, but not raising temperature

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    Please help. What does it mean if I’ve been gaining weight, not have not been significantly raising my basal temperature. For the past many months or so, I’ve been eating more, increasing overall calorie intake. Although, my mealtimes haven’t been as consistent as I’ve wanted them to be. I’ve had a very skinny, low muscle tone physique when I started. I’ve actually had this emaciated look all my life. However, after eating more liberally, in an attempt to raise my metabolism (I’ve read Diet Recovery 2, & the vegan solution), I’ve gained a lot of weight, and visibly increased my body fat levels, especially in my abdominal region. I look more obese, and certainly don’t look skinny like I used to. Yet, despite this, my body temperature doesn’t seem to have increased significantly. Is something wrong here? From reading diet recovery 2, I know that I should expect a little fat gain, as fat is where its at because fat produces leptin which sends the satiety signal. But does anybody here know what it means of you gain weight without increasing temperature? Has anybody here experienced anything like this. I’m a little afraid that if I continue, then I will keep gaining fat, especially around the abdominal region. So if anybody here has experienced this or can shed insight into whats happening, please do help. I’m just eager to raise my body temperature, so that hopefully I can start becoming lean again.

    Matt Stone

    What health problems and signs of low metabolism were you experiencing? And have those improved? If so, I would keep it up. If not, something is definitely off, but hard to say what exactly.


    I’ve noticed minor improvements, but nothing extraordinary.
    What I’ve been paying most attention to is body warmth which has increased overall, but this feeling is not consistent.
    The biggest issue that I’ve been facing when following the general guidelines to raise metabolism is consistency. While my overall calorie intake has increased, I haven’t been fully consistent with it. Some days I will eat a lot more than others, (which is also when I tend experience greater heat production). Other days I eat less than normal (and thus feel less body warmth). But overall, I eat more than I used to. Also, my meal timings have been inconsistent and irregular. I know that in Diet Recovery 2, regular, consistent meal times are a health asset. But I eat at more irregular times with a late breakfast, or a late lunch, etc. There have been days where I’ve delayed eating a meal at its proper time – mostly due to convenience. So this is really the main thing that I have not been following. While I’ve been eating more overall, my meal timings have been inconsistent, and there have been days where I’ve alternated eating a lot with eating less – but this is mostly because I tend to eat when it’s most convenient (and when I actually have the time). And so I’m wondering if this could be stagnating my progress in increasing my metabolism. Are regular, consistent meal timings every single day, an indispensable part of raising core body temperature?

    Would eating irregularly cause more of the stress hormones to stay active longer than usual ( as I’m allowing periods of slight hunger to persist longer by delaying meals), thus causing rise in body fat, especially belly fat? My ultimate goal here is to raise my core temperature, (I want the gain in body fat to be a mere ‘side effect’). Since that really is the main guideline that I have not been following, I’m just wondering it that alone could be responsible for hindering my rise in body temperature.

    The Real Amy

    Expert, meal consistency is huge. When I was recovering from my ED, it was really drilled in that I needed to have 3 meals and 1-2 snacks/day. No matter what. It prevents both starving and binging. It can take a bit of time for your body to adjust, but not that long, and it will begin expecting food on schedule. I would encourage you to get on a regular schedule right away. Also make sure you get enough salt.

    I’ve also said this elsewhere, and I know Matt doesn’t totally agree, but if you’re only eating more without paying attention to things like sleep, emotional stressors (even background ones like unresolved stuff from earlier in life), and stress levels, etc., that may also be what has been causing the real problems (especially if you were not restricting food intake before).

    Also, are you on medication that could be causing metabolic issues?

    Finally, maybe it’s worth a few blood tests to check your thyroid, iron, B12 levels, etc. The normal stuff doctors check for at annual physicals. Maybe something is off.


    I know it’s a bit against the grain on this site,but if you consume grains you migth want to experiment with dissing all grains for a while….gluten,non-gluten and even the safer options white rice and corn.
    I’ve learned from an intelligent practitioner that grains are known to lower metabolism and don’t have much nutritional quality to offer&temperature and can bind to certain minerals,especially in people who have low metabolic rate.

    @The Real Amy I know you’re a moderator and not a technician at this site,but do you happen to know why i can’t login through my phone? I could in the beginning,but somehow I’ve been logged out on my phone and the login button is nowhere to be found on my phone.
    It really bugs me,that I can’t reply or ask something quickly while being out.

    The Real Amy

    Dutchie, the login bar is on the main forum page, not the smaller thread pages. See if you can find it on your phone here:


    I’ve looked several times on the main forum page,but never could find anything.
    Yet,now that you sent me the link,it turned up again….Yay!!
    Thanx Amy!:)

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