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    Seriously I am eminating heat. Then I drank coffee… I love my coffee for the taste (cream and sugar yum!) but drinking it in summer is not the best… So I couldn’t stand a shirt and just wearing a bra and shorts around the house and still feel too hot! Took my temp, underarm is 97.9. That’s with my skin being cooled some by the AC. Now I have to go milk a herd of goats in a hot barn and them drive an hour to trim horses in the 90 degree heat and 5000% humidity- for which I must wear a shirt and *jeans*. Le sigh… I need one of those neck cooler things or someone to follow me around a fan me with palm fronds. But I guess it’s a good problem to have.


    Did I mention the AC in my truck isnt so hot?


    I’m sure this will be handy come winter…

    Matt Stone

    Sometimes being hot at normal temps equates to way better sweating and actually feeling not too bad in bad heat. Living in Florida, I can’t even take the garbage out without completely drenching all my clothes.


    I just about live outside :). I have always sweated a ton though, so not much room for improvement there.

    The day I posted this I think I did get borderline heat exhaustion, got chills and a little weak trying to finish up a little foundered pony that was fighting with me. There wasn’t any shade where we were but a sliver by a building which I went and stood in twice (never had to do that before, I have very good heat tolerance generally). I drank 3 quarts of water and a 16 oz OJ, which is a lot for me. I think I need to really try and load up on water before I get started in the heat now and see if that helps. I just sweat it out faster than I can drink it. Which I’ve always done when I trim horses, but I think it’s accentuated now.

    Anyway, I have continued to run at a higher temp I posted this. A few hours ago my underarm temperature was 98.3! :D And I can just feel heat coming off me, particularly neck, shoulders and arms. I think if I try hard I can do the flames coming off my hands thing pictured on your book ;)


    It’s been 90+ in NYC recently and I have no air conditioning, so I’m sweating buckets all the time. I take several quick cold water showers a day, and spend many of my hours nekkid or in just underwear in front of the fan as I work.

    It’s crazy- I feel your pain @Ashley. Hang in there


    Dude, no AC? Sorry! I’m outside a lot so i could do without it better than most, but I still love the reprieve, especially at night. I like it to be cold when I sleep.

    Ok so I had a 98.7 underarm temp a while ago! WOW My mom says I’m getting sick lol. Ha, I hope not! I’ve been eating the food since mid march but had not seen great temps like this until I started taking liver herbs last Sunday. I started having gall stones at 9 and have no gal bladder, removed at 17. Perhaps my liver was a bit of a missing peice. My digestion is certainly better.

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    Steven e

    congratulations. I’m jealous. What liver herbs? Just curious… could be the wheaties effect.

    T Will

    I think I have a solution Ashley, I just need to see some pictures of you walking around the house in your bra just to be sure.

    I know what you mean about heat though. I work as a baker and these last couple weeks have been 90+ degrees all day long. I can’t handle that much water without getting tired of drinking so much, but I’ll bring 2 qts of oj and a qt of chocolate milk for the day. Then I bring kool-aid mix or powerade mix in case I run out which has been happening.


    Haha, fresh out of pics.. :)

    Yea, wheaties effect. That’s what got me taking them. There is a circle of wheaties effect going on right now with this stuff.

    My mom makes it. The ingredients are:
    Milk Thistle seed, Dandelion root and leaf, Oregon Grape root, Gentian root, Wormwood leaf and flower, Black Walnut hulls, Ginger rhizome, Garlic bulb and Sweet Fennel seed.

    Extracted in alchohol.

    Has really done me some good, I have to say!

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