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My girlfriend is trying to lose weight

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    My girlfriend gained a good deal of weight (mostly fat) since we’re together (close to 9 months now), at least 15 pounds. She took on some of my eating habits :D. She’s not happy and wan’t to lose it again.

    I told her she still looks good (she does), but that if she really wants to lose weight she should try to eat more mindful and not mindlessly snack throughout the day while studying as she used to. Instead eating to satiety with all three meals and only snack when the desire is really there. That is what she is trying right now but she is getting a little disheartened because she is not losing (much?) weight.

    We are also going on walks a lot these days and she’s pretty active.

    Is there perhaps anything else I can recommend her to do or help her with (aside from stress and sleep)?

    mighty m

    Can’t go wrong with mindfulness or regular meals, good for most everyone. Just watched the Paris episode of No Reservations w/ Anthony Bourdain, good for inspiration.

    Otherwise, I think the 180-type answer would be: It depends on where the metabolism is. While it’s possible that the weight gain was from overeating [the mindless snacking], it might also have been from stopping restriction, which would be a good thing. Maybe your habits were actually good to adopt? :)

    To try to paraphrase Matt from somewhere, if the metabolism is low, you can only avoid weight gain by restriction (and maybe also adrenaline states?), in other words, the body is primed to gain fat. If temps are already great, more intense exercise might be tolerated. If not so great … well, maybe it’s not time for weight loss yet and one should work on building the metabolic foundation, with all the eat for heat, rest, de-stress stuff, and gradually build fitness as the metabolism strengthens. That’s my understanding anyway.

    In the meantime, be generous with compliments and romantic adventures! Do your best to not let her get stressed about 15 pounds. The timely application of a great boyfriend could prevent decades of diet obsessiveness! :)


    If Matt said that somewhere he is dead wrong ;). I (for example) was in a really low metabolic state and could still eat whatever I wanted without any weight gain. Heredity is a big factor in weight gain too.

    I think I we can look into what kind of sports/ exercise will do her good. I’m not too knowledgeable about exercise though. Some body weight exercises or warming up jogs with a little sprinting perhaps.


    Fatgain can also be a result of toxins/food allergies probably bc of leaky gut and/or parasites&stuff.
    In that case you migth want to work in some gelatin to heal the gutlining,detox the liver,maybe even eat some more alkaline foods…


    Perhaps that’s a factor, perhaps not. But either way, she’s not the type to take comfort in controlling her diet to such an extend.


    Why is your girlfriend not the one asking the questions? Perhaps without intending to, you sound very controlling and perhaps trying to convince her that she needs to lose weight. This is how disordered eating begins. 20 years later she’s going to wonder how she could have wasted so much time obsessing over something so trivial…and you won’t be in the picture.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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