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Want to try giving free advice to people.

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    I want to try and help people to improve their wellbeing, maybe I’ll like it. I will do it for free, but I do want to give it a good try.

    I just got a masters degree in health and social psychology. Furthermore, I have learned a lot from websites (such as this one) and books, from improving my own health, and by talking with experienced psychologists such as my parents. I think somewhere this year would be a good time to start with this, and I think it will help me understand the topic of wellbeing better.

    Perhaps people here can advice me on how to start, what to do, and what not to do.

    I was thinking about putting up some flyers at grocery stores, my university, sport centers etc. I would need a website/blog that people can go to. On this website I can have a well organized bunch of short articles about my ideas that I can update. So not a blog, but an organized consise source of information were people can read up on my ideas (and where I got them from of course!).

    I could then offer help by email, skype and face-to-face.

    Is this a good idea to start with?

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    @Franz. Good luck. I would recommend that you begin by promising people that you can cure any cancer, as long as they follow your protocol to the letter. Of course, you’ll want to be a little obscure about what to the letter means. You should also promise men that they can continue to get erections like an 18 year old, no matter what their age. Promise women a cure for droopy breasts and menopause. Promise parents that you have something that will detox metals and/or reverse the negative effects of vaccines and, as a result, will cure their child of autism.

    That should put you on the road to success.

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    Haha, thanks for the laugh. I suppose that strategy could actually be effective in helping people. At least I would get people to do as I say. Talking about health in a more intelligent manner might not interest most people enough. Still, I want to try it that way. Perhaps I can help people to get a better understanding of what determines their wellbeing. It’ll be a hobby. “Act but do not reflect on the fruit of the act” I would like that I think, at least for now.

    I’m looking for specific advice on how to get people interested, and on how to handle those that contact me. I at least want to have some people to talk to, otherwise it wouldn’t be much fun, but I don’t wan’t to give false promises.

    I’m most unsure about the website, and how to do that. For example, I’m not really interested in writing at the moment, and I wonder how much information I would need to put online at first so as to actually get some people to contact me. Just some background info, a large summary of my current views spread over 20-30 articles, or something in between?

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    Oh, and I think you forgot that the spiritual and psychological part of my system will have them enter a permanent state of bliss and love for everything in the universe.


    I think for your website to attract people,you migth want to post your own story and background and preferrably experiences/testimonials by others that have been helped by your knowledge….all in a noncommercial manner.
    People mostly love reallife examples of common daily folks they can relate instead of diving immediately into sciency informative articles.

    From a practical usabillity point of view,though it seems&sounds logic but its really key that people can contact you in the easiest and quickest way possible. Cant really explain it all here what i mean by that,but if you have any questions than hit me up


    My own story and background I would of course add. I’m not a big fan of testimonials though.

    Perhaps you can send me a facebook message explaining what you mean?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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