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    Hey guys,
    I’ve had a unique (to my knowledge) condition for several years. When I was about 14 I became aware that anytime I was dehydrated, a dull pain would begin to form in my bladder. When I actually went and peed, it felt awful, like a cramping of the muscles and burning at the same time. No urinary infection, nothing out of place functionally that the doctors could see, but I was drowning myself in water constantly, as it seemed the only thing that helped was to have dilute urine. Recently my aunt suggested I try going gluten-free, which did seem to resolve the problem. Whenever I became dehydrated, that burning, aching sensation was absent. And when I had wheat again, it would start back up.

    I’ve been working on raising my metabolism through Eat For Heat for about two months, have been sitting at about 97.3 to 98.3 degrees since then. And for the summer, I’m in a place where the main starch being offered is bread. I’ve been eating a lot more wheat than I have for the past year and a half, and am noticing that the expected pain is reduced, sometimes not even present, when I fully expected it to be. This is great, as I’m able to only drink when thirsty, instead of using liquid to purposely dilute myself.

    Is this a result of a raised metabolism? Does anybody have knowledge of someone else reacting to gluten in this way, or why gluten would’ve caused the painful reaction in the first place?

    Matt Stone

    No knowledge of that bizarre reaction, but it is normal to have in improved response to gluten and other trigger foods with an increase in metabolic rate. Thanks for sharing!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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