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Gluten Containing Grains?

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    I’ve read Diet Recovery 2 by Matt and I’m a little confused if I should be eating gluten containing grains.

    I have to be exercising a lot right (40-50miles per week) now due to school commitments with financial constraints, I try to go to bed at 930 when I can. I am trying to get rid of most stress.

    If I can get my carbs from oats and rice is that better? Or am I just perpetuation the diet mentality?

    I have read online people saying Matt supports oats and rice and quinoa over bread but then I read saying that Matt says gluten is fine.

    I would love some advice. Thanks so much Matt for all your research. :)

    Teen Witch

    I think it usually depends on what your recovering from to some degree or what your goals are-if that makes sense?

    If you are in desperate need of some healing and heat so to speak, I think the suggestion would be to go ahead and just start eating food- whether it be gluten free , stereotypically “healthy” or not.

    Like if my body temp is is frigid, I’m 30 pounds underweight and my hair is falling out..I’ma get myself to the Mcdonalds Drive through and score some good shit like salty fries, a fatty sweet milkshake and a burger. It will go down easy and has many of the building blocks I need to get going.

    Is that optimal to live on for the rest of ones life? Nah. But it can be a big help in the process of healing.

    If you feel like your allergic to gluten or that grains are the devil, then I would load up on other starches and things you feel comfortable eating to satiety and even a little beyond.

    Good Luck with your journey, and hopefully Matt and some others can chime in :)


    If your not celiac, or gluten sensitive then don’t actively try to cut it out. Maybe be somewhat conscious of limiting it but don’t worry too much. I’ll still buy gluten free bagels but truth be told I think the amount of crap they put into some of the gluten free stuff is worse for you than real bread.

    Matt Stone

    If you are in real need of recovery I would just eat what sounds the most tasty and appealing. A good combination of starches and sugars – preferably the ones that are the most concentrated (lower water content). Bread and jam beats oatmeal and apples any day.

    If you are a hard-training athlete I would be eating a buttload more fruit and not stressing about your starches – eating lots of oats, corn, potatoes, yams, bread – whatever you can get your hands on.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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