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    Hello everyone,

    I have this strange craving for green vegetables. My appetite will plummet for everything else if I don’t get 9 cooked green peppers in my belly. Sometimes I’ll have a meal of nothing but cooked green vegetables and I’ll be warm and toasty in a cold, upstairs apartment at night. Anyone have a similar experience?

    Anyways, I’ll continue to eat those vegetables, but I’m looking for a green powder without cruciferous/goitrogenic vegetables in it, as well as no probiotics. This combo has been particularly difficult to find online. Anyone know of any good brands?




    I remember seeing Garden of Life Perfect Food Powder before. It had quite a few good reviews too. Maybe check the ingredients and see if its something you can tolerate. I saw you post a few weeks ago about heart palpatations when you wake up at night time. I had simular experience. Do you still have them? Did you figure out what was causing them to happen?


    Hi Chen

    Thanks — yes I did kinda figure out the heart palpitations thing. I greatly reduced the fat percentage of my diet, and took out all the candy I was eating, and man, things got much better after that. I also stopped exercising, as my sleep was almost completely non-existent during this period.

    Now, my heart races at around 4pm and 4am only, and with each day it seems to be getting less and less strong. Matt told me that big adrenal output *can* sometimes be the cause of too much fat in the diet, but at this point, I’m not entirely sure what the exact cause is. For me, I think it was a) not enough green vegetables, b) too much fat, and c) too much exercise on top of those two factors. I don’t think I’ve fully recovered yet, as anxiety is still strong and all that, but I really feel best after those green vegetable binges. Who knows what that’s all about though


    Green Powders. Ok, it’s a prepackaged juice, not a green powder. I’m like 90% sure it fits your criteria, but you probably should double check.

    Cell-nique organic super green drink. Personally, the tropical fruit is my favorite. I have seen them throughout the country (US) at a number of health food stores and at food co-ops. Otherwise, you can buy them online.

    Also, I should mention that I HATE green powders, but I find these juices super yummy!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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