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    So, genetically I have mouth issues. My teeth aren’t crazy looking or anything I just have to do A LOT to maintain good mouth health. So, I take really good care of my mouth but I have gum recession. I just had gum graft surgery to fix one spot that was receeded pretty bad ( doc says it is from the frennum muscle, braces from the past, ph, bacteria etc.). I am noticing new freakin recession now. Any ideas why my gums hurt, bleed sometimes, receed despite taking such good care? I am taking a few supplements for it but it is a really annoying process.

    The Real Amy

    BauerPower, I don’t really have any specific advice to share here, but just wanted to note that back in my ED days I had a lot of issues with receding gums. Now my dentist has not even mentioned the issue in years. Not sure where you are health-wise, but if you have impaired metabolism/nutrient status, that may be the culprit.


    I remember reading an article about this on greenmedinfo about 6 months back. The author had the same problem even after changing to a nutrient dense diet and found that the only thing that helped was vitamin C and baking soda every day. I need to try that also, as I’ve noticed that my gums do bleed pretty easily, although I’ve never had many other oral issues.


    I wanted to mention that since I’ve been eating for heat my teeth are whiter and the two spots on my gums that have had chronic inflammation despite not having anything there to make them inflamed, are suddenly completely normal. I noticed that a few weeks ago when I was flossing. I normally have to baby those places with the floss but I don’t have to anymore. And I was a daily flosser too!! That never made those inflamed areas go away.

    But eating a lot of sugar did!

    Matt Stone

    Definitely should notice those things improving with broader metabolic improvements. Amen to sugar for oral health. I had some bleeding gums at first, but 6 months later my teeth and gums were fantastic. 2 years later they’re even better. I can even eat sugary things without any pain now.

    I’m also inclined to think that all the oral self care could be causing some problems. Brushing a lot wears down enamel, causes gum irritation, and so does flossing. There’s a fine line between too much and too little dental care.


    Well I guess I should go ahead and dive into this. I have been hesitant to make big changes as usual, but my gums were never like this until about 2 years ago (ED was at its worst) and a year ago blood work showed organ damage among lots of other issues. I take vitamin C daily, amongst other supplements, and have not seen much improvement.

    I am careful not to brush to hard, very gently. I brush after I eat when I can. Thanks again for the responses.


    so how often do yall brush your teeth?

    for the past two months or so ive reduced brushing to about once every other day or every two days, feels pretty good so far, reduced sensitivity in one of my front teeth a lot.
    they also feel less gross when i dont brush them now as opposed to when i was brushing twice a day.
    i have a dentist appt scheduled in a few weeks now, wonder how thats going to go



    It depends- I brush maybe once or twice a week, whenever it feels like it. I do tend to use floss more often. And I switch up what I brush with sometimes. Mostly I use Dr Bronner’s soap. But I will sometimes use salt, maybe mixed with baking soda. That seems to really give me that ‘just came from the dentist’ clean.

    I do think that doing that every day can be right and wear down the enamel though, so I wouldn’t rceommend it.


    I brush two-three times per day. Flosh once or twice a day. I use hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash, salt water, or store bought stuff. I feel like without it I am in big trouble come dentist time. I tend to get tons of very small cavities very easily. Gums can be painful sometimes, but hydrogen peroxide always help. People think I am insane that I use is like I do… I probably am.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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