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Hair loss in men

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    Matt stated in one of his books that he has an interest in teeth as a marker of health. for me its hair.

    Why are men losing their hair? Is it really all genetic, or is something broken or not working right?

    The job i have allows me to see a wide variety of people for brief moments (petrol/gas station attendant) and i see alot of men who are going bald. And i cant help but notice other similarities in them. Now not every single person losing their hair has these similarities, but the majority do

    – Loss of hair
    – red, inflamed scalp (you can see where the hair is supposed to be. You can see the change in colour from where the forehead ends and the scalp begins)
    – Puffy face
    – Bags under eyes
    – Itchy? (i see alot of men scratching at their scalps)
    – Brown (liver) spots. some just on their head, others all over their body and face.
    – Scabs and sores on scalp where hair used to be and sometimes on other parts of body (esp in older men. some sores look quite deep and there is often dried blood on the scalp)
    – Generally very old looking
    – Weight gain. not everyone has weight gain, some are very slim, but those who are slim seem to have little muscle mass and can look “flabby” esp around the belly, despite being slim.
    – The scalp just basically looks like its under attack, very red, raw, inflamed and painful looking.

    They say its genetic and natural but i disagree. that does not sound like a natural healthy state to be in. I believe hair loss isn’t a condition in itself, its more a symptom that something else isn’t working. A metabolic or energy production problem that could potentially be fixed and restored

    Does anyone have any insight? it seems insufficient calories or extensive dieting over long periods may have something to do with hair loss. has anyone on here had any success regrowing hair? could resting and refeeding bring about new hair growth? it does sound plausible.


    I’ve wondered this too. My dad is bald and he’s always eaten wha he wanted until he started having trouble with milk and wheat and on and on until he had few things he could eat without migraines to the point of throwing up- though he’s gotten back to being able to eat a lot more food again. He can’t go overboard or he will get headaches. He eats plenty of calories though. A lot of meat, eggs and piles of salt.

    The Real Amy

    I know a woman whose boyfriend lost most of his hair and was bald while going through a very stressful divorce. Now, years later, he has a thick head of head. There are cases of regrowth. I think the norm is for the hair to not grow back, but who knows what good refeeding could do.


    What are the different methods and remedies for hair loss available on the market, and how do they work to prevent and reduce hair loss, as well as stimulate new hair growth?


    There are many hair loss treatments and remedies available on the market that work in different ways to prevent and reduce hair loss, as well as stimulate new hair growth. This includes drugs such as minoxidil and finasteride that stimulate hair growth and delay hair loss, shampoos and conditioners with strengthening ingredients, specialty hair care products such as best hair growth supplement that include tonics and serums, laser treatments to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp; and hair transplantation. It is important to consult a doctor or hair care professional to determine the most appropriate method and remedy, taking into account the individual characteristics and causes of hair loss in each person.


    Well I suppose to make your hair grow out succesfully with the help of different supplies, you still have to keep it groomed and healthy at your barbershop. I suggest you to get a low-maintance protective hairstyle. It could be mid fade for example, it is easy going, yu don’t need much to maintain it and it helps you to grow out the healthy hair.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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