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    Okay, I’m desperate here. I’ve been in recovery for more than a year and was pregnant for 9 months of that. My hair has gotten progressively shorter (from waist length to shoulder length). I expected this, I know it often comes with ED recovery. I can see new growth at my roots but the length isn’t getting longer because it’s breaking off at the ends. It’s brittle, dry, and just gross. I’ve tried forgoing heating tools for 2+ months with no improvement whatsoever. I’m just looking for reassurance that at some point my hair will improve. I can be patient and cut it shorter, I’d just like some hope that it gets better. I know hair loses it’s luster with age as well, but I’m only 25.


    I noticed this when I went low-carb for awhile. Make sure you are getting adequate carb intake, in addition to the other nutrients (especially the Ss – salty, sweet, starchy, saturated fat). I have also heard people say that your hair will fall out to an extent, as new hair replaces it. I never noticed this myself, because as soon as I upped the carbs A LOT my hair returned basically to normal.
    Hope that helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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