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Halfasses and other Molasses Ideas

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    I bought some organic molasses yesterday to try some “halfasses.” I’m out of half and half, which I didn’t realize until AFTER I got home from the store…what a dumbass(es)! Hee-hee…couldn’t resist. What are some other ways to get some molasses down the hatch? I tasted it straight, but it gagged me. Bleh! Also, those of you who eat molasses on a regular basis, what have you noticed health-wise from it?


    I mainly bought it as a way to help me get more sugar in my system, but also for the other minerals, and in hopes that it might decrease my gray hair! One can hope, right?


    @Kristi I have the same problem too as in finding the taste not great. I actually tried halfasses but don’t like the taste of it. In the video Matt mentions it has a caramelly taste….unless I have some kind of weird molasses,it doesn’t taste caramelly to me at all!

    On Youtube I found a video with a recipe for a shrimp stir-fry. The vid is called Blackstrap Molasses shrimp by the Cheating Gourmet.
    J-lo also mentioned in another thread to make BBQ sauce/marinade with Molasses.

    Apparently you can also make a Soy Sauce substitute from it:

    And it’s usually used in Gingerbread.


    I take a jar, fill a bit less than half full of molasses, then about half that much cocoa, then sweetener of choice (maple syrup is good), maybe some vanilla. Add this to milk for chocolate milk :)


    Regular molasses is great on pancakes or waffles, IMO. I like it better than syrup. I’ve never had Blackstrap molasses, so I can’t speak to that.


    Molasses cookies are wonderful, chewy and intense flavored.

    Steven e

    I think a dumbass is half molasses, half half and half, half vodka and half Kaluha drunk by the quart out of a large funnel with an attached garden hose while standing on your head.

    I’ve been thinking about molasses and how to use it lately. Haven’t come up with much except baked goods.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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