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    I’ve dealt with headaches for many years, never having figured out what triggers them in me. Can’t get rid of one when it comes on…I’ve tried homeopathy, massage, chiropractics, epsom salt baths, aromatherapy, cold compresses, along with a myriad of meds, including Advil, Excedrine Migraine, Goody’s headache powders, Imitrex. Nothing works. So, I noticed as I read “Eat for Heat” that my headaches could be caused by “over-” hydration, taking in too many fluids. Makes total sense when I take into account other bio-feedback that I was oblivious to until a month or 2 ago. I woke up with a *$*%#&*#$ headache today (I could have just typed the words I want to use here on 180DegreeHealth, since Matt liberally uses “bad” words, huh? HA!). Along with my headache, my feet/hands/nose have been cold, I haven’t been able to get my body temp to come up, and I’ve peed a bazillion times with perfectly crystal clear urine. Makes sense that I must have taken in too many fluids yesterday. So, today, I’ve laid off on fluids as much as I can without choking on my food. I’ve kept a headache all day (and, since they’re accompanied by nausea, I have a hard time eating much). A few minutes ago, it occurred to me to try a couple of electrolyte tablets (my hubby takes them when he runs/bikes long distances), so that may help once they get in my system. Anyone have any suggestions? This is miserable.


    Hi Kristi,
    I’m not saying this is your situation, but can you think of anything you might be angry about? Most often there’s an emotional component that goes along with a physical symptom. Is anything stressing you right now?
    I use EFT Tapping, and even when I’m not sure about the emotional feeling, I’ll just tap. So you can Tap on “this painful headache”….
    What have you got to lose? Lots of times, you’ll get an answer to what’s going on! And the headache gets better! I’d try it – you’re not putting any chemicals in your body!
    A recent video I watched showed a study where blood was taken pre and post tapping. There was a big difference in how the cells were clumping together before, but free flowing after. (but who knows what that means in terms of health, or a headache!).
    But the bottom line is: Try it on EVERYTHING!


    I have “tried” EFT before. Both times, a few minutes before singing a solo. I want to learn more about it, because #1 I don’t know if I did it right, and #2 I don’t fully “believe” in it. If I knew more about it, I’m sure I could use it with more of an open mind. :-) Is there a particular website you would recommend?

    As far as anger or stress…I had a stressful morning the day before I got this headache (still have it…they usually last 2 days no matter what I do). I’ve been stressed about money lately. I’ve stressed some when I can’t keep my temps up…ha! So, I guess it could have been caused by stress.


    It sounds like you answered the question!
    The best way to deal with stress is to lower your perception of it… You know, “don’t sweat the small stuff”. That’s preventative. But if you have symptoms (headaches) then you’re already suffering from it.

    There are youtube videos you can follow (put in headache & EFT). (Brad Yates, Carol Look, Pat Carrington…. they’re great) I’m putting together a total package, which explains the mind/emotional/physical relationship, and where/how and special aids for tapping. That may be my next article on 180 Degree. But but for, try YouTube!

    Smiling also helps headaches!and slow nose breathing- extending your exhalation engages the parasympathetic nervous system to relax.
    good luck!

    Matt Stone

    I find headaches are too to get rid of once they’ve set in. The triggers seem to be anything that is too far out of the ordinary. Consistency in your daily rhythms and routines would seem like a big asset to have on your side. Consistent bedtimes, mealtimes, meal structure, physical activity levels, and so on.

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