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    Hey, I too did not have great results with a Gatorade copycat I made at home, looks like we’re not quite there yet.

    I was also very skeptical of ordering powder from a random source, but I took tucker90’s word and placed an order through his link, the thing is the dude never shipped it, it’s been about two weeks now and no response from the seller, I filed a claim on PayPal so no harm done, but I was pretty annoyed.

    I don’t doubt tucker90 got his from that source but I ended up ordering again but from a seller with a 100% feedback score, I am supposed to get it today according to the eBay listing, fingers crossed, I was bummed when it didn’t show up the last time, here’s the link I ordered from if you’re interested


    Just received my Tianeptine, I didn’t realize how little 1g is!

    I don’t have a scale that sensitive so I decided to mix it with sugar.

    1g in total, 12.5mg per dose, that’s 80 doses even. So what I did is take the sugar and measure out 80 1/4teaspoon measurements (like an idiot), and placed that in a sealable plastic bag and threw in the tianeptine and mixed it up well. Now I can just take a 1/4teaspoon of the mixture.

    All 1/4teaspoon measurements were scraped even at the top to minimize inconsistencies.

    In hindsight I could have done a little more math and saved myself a lot of scoops and counting by having used a tablespoon or some larger volume to measure out the sugar…


    Yeah a lot of people have already bought it and reviewed it (although most reviews merely praise the seller and not the product) but all that shows is that what they got was a white powder that made them feel good. It doesn’t prove that what they actually got is really Tianeptine.

    Also I couldn’t help but notice at the bottom it said “This Product is not for consumption of any kind.”

    That notwithstanding I’ll probably buy some eventually. Probably sooner rather than later. Unfortunately with Tianeptine there’s so few ways to get it here so you have to take the risk. My biggest worry is actually if it will make it through customs or not.


    this is clearly to cover their asses:

    Also I couldn’t help but notice at the bottom it said ?This Product is not for consumption of any kind.

    you will notice that in some states that sell raw milk, the bottle will say “This product is for pet consumption only.” It’s basically an implicit wink to the consumer, that allows sellers to not be liable for any harm in the event of something going wrong.


    Yeah I saw no praise of the product itself in the ratings although googling “tianeptine nyles7” brings up various forums in which he’s mentioned and it seems people have gotten use out of the product.

    And yes that disclaimer is just what tucker90 says it is. All that being said, I’ve been taking it for 2 and a half days now and I haven’t noticed much of a difference, a mild effect on the first dose (physiological arousal), but then nothing more really. I take it on an empty stomach too.

    Supposedly it takes 2 weeks at the reccomended 3x a day dosage for the antidepressant effect to really kick in so that may be why.

    The Real Amy

    Taking illegal, non-FDA-approved medicine purchased through some random website that offers no real proof of what it actually is, on the recommendation of someone on a web forum, with no medical oversight from a doctor… What could possibly go wrong?


    Valid points, and excuse my French but fuck the FDA and fuck doctors, as for everything else I’ll take my chances, nobody’s died or reported serious injury yet


    I’m with Amy!

    But, I support your right to experiment as you please with your own body. It is YOUR body, after all!

    I’ll be following your posts to see how it all works out But, personally, I’ll stick with real food, not powder, for my own experiments. :)


    First of all, there is nothing illegal about Tianeptine. Do your research Amy. It is treated just as any other supplement in the eyes of the FDA. Secondly, the FDA profits off of your suffering, so who in their right mind has faith in what they determine to to be safe. If anything, it is in their best interest for you to be well enough that you are not dead, but sick enough so that you need to take their drugs. For example, if someone “needs” to take a cholesterol lowering medication, first of all, we would have to be in agreement that high cholesterol is a bad thing. And whatever the case may be, the FDA is the ones who set the paramaters to determine whether or not you “need” to take the drug. This idea needs to be considered when any so-called doctor is recommending we take a drug. There is a lot of money at play here so the FDA is just as shady as any “random website” when we dig a little deeper. And by the way, the random website is eBay which is highly regulated and consumers to openly review products they purchase. I made it clear that I recommend someone make sure to buy Tianeptine only from a highly regarded seller. Do a simple google search and you will find that Tianeptine is thoroughly researched and studied:

    Just because the FDA does not approve the medication for use in the United States, does not discredit its efficacy in Europe and Asia.

    On top of this all, most people end up finding a forum like 180 Degree Health because the doctors are of no help to them. Why? Because U.S. health is a business and there’s no money for them in people getting healthy from eating a truly proper diet. That is why Dr. Oz is paid big money to promote a diet that completely contradicts what 180 Degree Health suggests is truly healthy. It’s a pretty simple equation, when the FDA gets the U.S. citizens to believe that the principles below make up a proper diet, they make money when people get sick!

    -low carbohydrates
    -8 glasses of water a day
    -high PUFA meats like chicken, turkey, fish, etc.
    -above-ground vegetables like salad, for example
    -nuts like almonds or walnuts

    What credibility do these doctors really have? The internet health community is EXPLODING because doctors are not helping anyone out. It baffles me that anyone really has faith in their doctor these days. And I’m not suggesting some sort of conspiracy here, I’m just saying that the practices taught to doctors are not ones that are proving to heal people. Hence why I had to start a thread called “How I got my health back” (because the 10+ “doctors” I saw couldn’t do a damn thing for me and told me I was a very healthy guy despite the fact that I felt awful 24/7).

    You don’t have to take Tianeptine. It helped me, I was just trying to help point people in the right direction. But don’t start make posts suggesting that we should trust doctors and the FDA on a forum that was founded on health principles that contradict doctors and the FDA!

    I’m a doctor! You’re a doctor! We’re all doctors! Being a doctor in 2014 is almost meaningless! Get real Amy.

    The Real Amy

    I think people can take whatever risks they want. Freedom. But you could not pay me enough to take some psychoactive drug (supposedly) from the internet. I know the FDA and doctors are not perfect, but at least there is some oversight.


    Yeah Amy, I agree that doing it this way is risky. That was my concern. I don’t have any concerns with the drug itself but my point is you can’t verify what you get is what you ordered.

    The problem is there really is no better way. I would love to be able to go to a doctor and get a prescription but it’s not possible. I’m sure anyone would prefer it to getting it online. But you can’t get it prescribed because it’s not available in North America so they couldn’t write you a script even if they want it to. I asked my doctor about Tianeptine. He never even heard of it. And the reason it’s not available is not because it’s illegal or rejected by the FDA but because it was never submitted for approval. Every drug must be put through costly trials before it gets approved but Tianeptine’s patent is expired so even if the drug got approved, the manufacturer wouldn’t be able to recoup the costs of the trials. It’s a case of profit coming before people.

    And it’s not like you can substitute it for another antidepressant. Tianeptine is the only drug in its class. There’s nothing remotely like it. No other antidepressant enhances the reuptake of serotonin.

    So the only way to acquire it for those who need it, unfortunately, is through the internet somehow. Either from eBay in powder form or in the original, factory-sealed package from the manufacturer from an online pharmacy. You would think that the latter would be better but the problem with them is they can be just as shady and the price is very, very high. And from reviews I’ve read I have no reason to believe it’s any less risky. They don’t guarantee which manufacturer you get. You could get Tianeptine from the original French manufacturer (Sevrier) or a generic made in India and there seems to be some potentially significant differences in the quality and effects.

    So that’s the predicament you are in if you need this drug. If you live in North America, there is no way to get veritably pure Tianeptine. Any way you go, it’s a leap of faith. But it’s either that or move to France (or wherever else it’s available).

    I’ve actually had my eye on Tianeptine for a few years and have been trying to research it as much as I can. I didn’t decide to take it on a whim because someone on a forum said it would be a good idea.

    I’ve been to a psychiatrist and have been on plenty of conventional antidepressants and the result was terrible. I haven’t been myself ever since I took Prozac more than a decade ago. SSRIs really screwed me up. All other SSRIs had the same effect: “zombification”. No emotions, brain fog, inner deadness. Even when discontinued. Pretty much exactly the effect Ray Peat describes serotonin to have: torpor, a living coma. If you look them up the effects of Tianeptine it reads like an antidote to this condition.

    So yeah, I’m probably going to end up getting some if I can. After 5 years of psychiatric medicine hell I feel like I understand the risks well enough to know what I’m getting into. When you’ve been on a slew of pills you kind of become cognizant of their myriad effects and you know what’s how much is too much and learn how to taper. You don’t need a doctor to tell you the correct dosage, that’s easily available information. My experience with psychiatrists basically amounted to supervised self-administration anyway. If you want to up the dose, they let you. If you want to try a new pill, they let you. It’s different from conventional areas of medicine where there are blood tests and the regime is rigidly controlled.

    Would I recommend this route to someone else? Not at all. It’s calculated, personal risk I plan to take based on research and my best judgement. I would be ordering a kilo of it right now if it weren’t for two concerns:

    1) Is it real? Is it quality?
    2) Will I get into trouble with the law? I’ve heard of horror stories with customs and I don’t ever want to go through that sort of thing.

    As far as I can tell, in North America, because it’s not considered a prescription drug it’s effectively unregulated. Still I don’t relish the idea of bringing a white powder over the border.

    The Real Amy

    I hear where you’re coming from Sa230e. My personal approach is that psych meds are not anything to mess around with, and even with a doctor shouldn’t be used as anything but an absolute last resort. I never have, but I have seen very bad effects in friends/family, which is why I feel the way I do. SSRIs can cause a lot of damage. Personally I would be really wary of the longterm effects of tianeptine, as well, but sounds like you have your eyes wide open.

    If prozac was your poison, the fluoride may be a big part of the ongoing problem, rather than serotonin – people call it getting fluoxed (you probably already know this). I think it’s a really tough thing to bounce back from. Prozac completely ruined my grandmother’s life, literally, but it’s a lot harder to bounce back as an elderly person than when you’re young. I hope you make a full recovery.


    According to “It is not marketed in North America because its patent has expired.” Getting a new license requires going through the FDA, and apparently, there’s no money in it due to the lack of patent-ability… sounds like an opportunity for an entrepreneur somewhere!

    Interesting info here:
    Looks like a great alternative to SSRI’s… too bad drug companies are more interested in profits than health.


    A week in and nothing positive has come from the Tianeptine, nothing negative either, not nocking it, but it is what it is.


    hmm also cyproheptadine has been founded to be helpful. don’t take my word for it. definitely do your research on it is an antihistamine that interrupts the stress cycle. it helped improve my appetite and therefore, improve metabolism

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