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    I used tianeptine for a couple of years when I was at my sickest, and if you do a forum search, you’ll find a thread where I talk about my experiences in detail. Long story short, I found it astonishingly useful for several months, but it gradually lost potency until finally I gave it up.

    But even at its best, it wasn’t fixing the problem, just masking it. That’s okay, because sometimes you need a bandage, but I think non-pharma options may be necessary for fundamental health changes.


    Yes I agree David, but thanks for the input Tucker90, ultimately it was on what little due diligence I could carry out and the collective experiences of many people on Tianeptine that led me to experiment with it, regardless of how it turned out, not on “the whim of the recommendation of some random person on a forum”, or however someone put it a couple posts earlier

    Anyways, I just hope this dialogue goes to further the spirit of experimentation in this corner of the online health community, because that is ultimately where you will find your answers, of course with the contribution of some smart people and their ideas ;)


    Good point on the value of experimentation. My use of tianeptine made me question many of the popular theories I have heard about our brain and its neurotransmitters. Now, whenever I hear someone make a comment about serotonin, I have to bite my tongue because they’re usually dead wrong. Serious researchers understand that it isn’t just a “happy chemical,” but the research hasn’t percolated down to the general public yet.


    Hi @Tucker90

    came across your post cause you replied to mine. Nice details and story.

    Intersting about maturbation, im female and i masturbate most days. I just get bored and i think its gonna make me feel better. Is it really that bad? Isn’t sex just like masturbation??? should i have less sex?

    All this time i though serotonin was good, i really do know nothign about health and nutrition lol

    Great post, happy for you.


    I loved your point “Stop researching health/ nutrition”
    This is something I am currently challenging myself with (as I type on here…)
    I like this environment because of the number of different experiences and the free flow of thoughts, all other health sites make my brain want to explode, no two theories are ever the same, for me intuition is key, if something sounds fishy, then its probably not right, also critical thinking, something I think we lack in todays world of “click here for the instant answer that will solve all your problems” ya right…



    don’t masturbate everyday. that is definitely too much.

    you are depleting nutrients that are vital to your recovery like zinc.

    however, a general rule of thumb is that you subtract 7 from your age and then divide that number by 4. the final number that you get is the amount of days that should be inbetween an orgasm.

    so if you are 24 years old, for example, you get 4.25, rounded up to 5 days, in between each orgasm


    this article may put things into perspective for you as well:


    Hahahaha… You guys worrying about masturbation reminds me of so many funny pop culture references…

    Dr. Strangelove talking about his “precious bodily fluids”
    Monty Python’s “Every sperm is sacred” song
    Mickey saying to Rocky: “Women weaken legs!”
    Woody Allen dressed as a sperm anxiously asking another sperm: “What if he’s masturbating???”

    I can honestly say I never heard of anyone regulating their sexual activity with an equation!


    OMG… There’s actually and EQUATION for that???



    According to that formula, it looks like 11-year-olds are allowed to orgasm every day…

    I think a more reasonable equation might be:

    feeling horny + nothing better to do = time to DEPLETE SOME ZINC (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)


    ha the formula comes from a taoist belief

    but in all honesty i truly believe masturbation definitely is a cause of inhibited metabolism.

    it can be overdone and things like internet porn play tricks on the mind. i could get into but i dont think much more needs to be said. try and limit it


    So glad that you are feeling better, Tucker90. I think we all appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences.

    With that said, please don’t choose to have less sex (unless, of course, you want to). That applies to anyone reading this (particularly, captainchode). Why? Why? Why?

    OK, even if I was convinced from a scientific perspective, or from a health perspective…No. Just. No.

    Be safe and live your life. (I feel like someone just suggested that I breath less.)

    All the best. (Hey, David you are back! Very cool beard, and thanks for chiming in, as always.)


    Thanks for the compliment, Leighton. I’m going full-on leprechaun for this St. Patty’s Day.

    Glad you agree about the sex thing. It’s one of the craziest pieces of health advice I’ve ever heard. It’s even more puritanical and pleasure-denying than the usual health advice like giving up sugar or pizza or something. Just because something feels good, it doesn’t mean it’s bad!

    I don’t want to be totally dismissive, and sorry if I come across as insulting, Tucker. I agree that people can get addicted to porn and get stuck in a fantasy life, and some guys develop false expectations about what sex is supposed to be like. But that’s totally different from someone who just enjoys having sex every day, whether with a partner or alone. In my opinion, regular sex is life-affirming.


    Not that there’s anything with someone if they want to have less sex. It’s just that zinc depletion is a really weird reason to make that choice.


    Please! It’s the most natural thing on the planet. There is no way it could be bad for you!!

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