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    I have naturally lost 20lbs of the 26lbs I gained with Hashimotos thyroiditis. Due to a combination of intuitive eating and T3 only therapy I have easily lost 20 lbs. I am happy with that. However, I am stuck between two dress sizes and would be down to the optimal size if I lost the last 6 lbs. I’d also be in the ‘normal’ weight range within 4lbs. I know it’s a very small amount, but it really would make all the difference. Plus, I am getting married in a few months and really want to be a ‘normal’ weight on my wedding day.

    It seems that I am at my body’s natural set point and I have not moved beyond this point for the past 10 months eating intuitively. So it seems I need to actually do some form of cutting. Is there any healthy way to lose a small amount of weight? What about exercise? I used to bike, but had to stop due to developing a problem that made it hard to cycle. I think I could start again though.

    I eat low sugar, high carb, moderate protein and low PUFA. My carbs come from taters, dark chocolate, rice, fruit, dairy and soaked bread. I have recently cut down on my chocolate intake, but that is early days. :)

    Matt Stone

    Hey Lynn,

    With such a small amount, some tiny little change is probably all that is needed, such as increasing your exercise levels or changing up your meal patterns a little bit (some lose weight better eating smaller meals more frequently, some do better eating just a couple of big meals and spending a lot more time in the fasted state, for example).

    Think in terms of little changes like that and see if you can find what works without causing any signs of regression metabolism-wise.


    What type of small changes? Can you give me any recommendations? I’ve never found exercise causes weight loss for me, unless I am doing something crazy like 4 hours a day.

    I was thinking of cutting fat back. I wonder how I would do that. I already eat lean meat because I hate fatty meat. I also drink low fat milk because I got used to it during RBTI.


    Healthy way to lose the last 6lbs are:

    • Limit carbs before cardio.
    • Try interval training.
    • Eat every three to four hours throughout the day. If you’ve been sticking to three meals a day, try revving your metabolism by eating more often.
    • Cut the carbs in the evening. Lots of people fill up on carbs at night.


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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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