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Just heard about; where should I start?

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    Hi there!

    I’m not sure if I selected the right forum, sorry if I didn’t. This is a copy of the message I sent to on Facebook and then discovered the forums and thought here I could get more input, maybe.

    I’m very glad I discovered you some weeks ago. Thanks to the free advice on the site, I completely stopped dieting, and ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Cravings disappeared (I was thinking about food pretty much during the day and ate a lot and had the feeling that I could never get enough), I didn’t get (much) fatter since then and I feel happier.

    I can’t thank you enough for that!

    But if such a little piece of information helped me so much and quickly, I guess I want more.

    Problem is, I’m not sure where to start, I’d like to buy one of your ebooks, and I’m not sure which one is the best for me. i’d buy the whole collection, but I can’t afford it yet.

    Maybe I should give you some information about myself? I’m a 30 years old female, 1.65m and about 65 kg; I have been having a messy life in the last 10 (or 30?) years – lots of stress (I had moments I wished I wasn’t alive anymore because of it), workaholism, random dieting, weight going up and down, sleep disorders, family problems, so on and so forth.

    No I finally managed to get rid of most of the stress sources from my life and started to fix whatever could be fixed. One of these problems is a hormonal imbalance which causes my skin to be hairier than a female could wish. Looking for known cases of healed hirsutism I arrived on and things have started to make sense, finally! And I couldn’t stop reading, and missed a few deadlines because of that :)), but this was too important, and I’ve been waiting too long for information that made sense.

    So, my goal is for now to stop increasing my hormonal imbalance and if possible to start reducing it as much as possible before needing to see an endocrinologist (my sister who has similar problems went there and was recommended to start taking birthcontrol pills, which I wouldn’t like to do because I have some relatives who died or are waiting to die of cancer, and those pills smell like trouble to me).

    I’ve written quite a long message here, sorry for that, I hope it makes a bit of sense.

    I hesitate between buying “Diet Recovery” and “Diet Recovery 2”, but maybe you have a better suggestion?

    Thank you,


    Diet recovery 2 is the way to go :)


    Hey Oana! I haven’t read either book, but from what I’ve gathered reading reviews and blog articles, I’d go with Diet Recovery 2 — too. Kudos for trusting your body and quitting the diet madness. :) Best of luck!

    mighty m

    Yeah, DR2. Matt has written it’s basically a complete revision. Eat for Heat is a really good companion. I read a lot of stuff on the site before actually buying those two books, but very I’m glad I bought them in paperback format. It’s very useful to have the information in one place, fairly concisely, without the information overload of lots of articles and comments, not to mention Facebook open in the next tab, etc.

    You don’t mention if your body temps are low, or other low-metabolism symptoms? If so, these books may help. I gather from reading here that better hormones will often come along with an improved metabolism. Even if not, a stronger metabolism would theoretically put a person in a stronger place from which to try additional things.

    You’ve probably heard this already, but if you think you may have PCOS (hirsutism can be a symptom), the woman behind Go Kaleo had that and has managed to bring it under control with generous eating and a slow process of strength-building.

    Caveat: I don’t know much about this stuff — I’m only a person on the internet! :) all this may or may not apply …


    Thank you for your answers, OldMate, wordstospeak and mighty m. I guess I’ll stick with DR2.
    mighty m, regarding the basal temps, I didn’t start taking them, though I can feel a change. Before the switch my hands and feet were cold, really very cold and difficult to warm up (in winter I had mornings when I woke up with the same cold feets I had in the evening, this was the worst I’ve had in the matter of cold feet).
    About PCOS, it is a possibility, although the endocrinologist gave my sister another diagnose (she had very similar symptoms with mine, we lived in the same environment for many years; she was dieting too, and was subjected to a lot of stress, too, so her levels of cortizol sky-rocketed, she also had way too high levels of prolactine and testosteron – that’s all I remember from her medical results. And the suggested treatment, birthcontrol pills, was very disappointing to me, after all those tests and the money spent on that.) Anyway, PCOS wasn’t mentioned to her so there might be some chances for it not to be my case, either. In either situation, I just want to make the changes I need to make in order to stop hurting myself through diets and stress and other things, and then if the problems will still be there, I’ll ask the doctors help.

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