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Heart Rate to high/racing at night

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    Hi I am new to 180 Degree Health. I read Eat for Heat a few weeks ago and have been using the info to raise my body temp. A few days ago I also started rrarf at least the food part of it- haven’t been getting 10-12 hours of sleep yet, but hope to add that in soon. My temp is starting to come up- used to be in mid 97s now high 97s to mid 98s, but when I try to go to bed at night I can’t fall asleep because my heart is racing. This is not normal for me. Am I doing something wrong? Once I fall asleep, I am usually awakened a few times in the night by one or more of my children. When I wake up my heart rate still seems abnormally high especially if it is before 12 or 1 am- after that it calms down and remains normal until the next evening. I am sleeping deeper than I was before so that is an improvement even if my kids are waking me up. If the racing heart problem will pass I don’t mind to ride it out, but I want to make sure I am not doing something wrong and/or potentially dangerous.

    In case it is important to know in relation to the above question, I have been eating a Weston A Price style diet for going on 9 years. I haven’t really dieted or restricted calories much especially since I have been nursing or pregnant a lot of that time. I have been off gluten for 6 years and whenever I try to eat it again it gives me really bad diarrhea. I was on GAPS diet for a while a few years back and never got back into eating a lot of grains and starches after that although I did some. The main diet change for me on rrarf has been eating more grains and starches, eating more in general, and allowing more foods that I would usually only have as a treat (chips, ice cream).

    Oh, also I am low to average weight for my height. And I am breast feeding my 12 month old baby.

    Thanks for any insights.


    Could be to much salt. Try drinking some more water at night

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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