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    I’ve done it off an on for 7 years. Last year I suddenly lost my appetite for fruit so I was stuck with basically nothing I could eat. It is great for my blood sugar, I’ve been flirting with diabetes for years, and I did loose weight extremely quickly but the more I did the diet the harder it became to loose weight until finally I couldn’t loose anything. I’ve come off it after 18 months now and am trying to recuperate.


    @saisrice It was indeed over a mole,but the GP said that it didnt look alarming. Go at your own pace,personally i couldnt and wouldnt want to go allfruit only and raw only unless id live in an yearround warm tropical place.

    thats interesting that you mentioned flirting with diabetes. I remember a therapist,years ago,telling me i was on the verge of diabetes.(back then i was experiencing very hypoglycemic issues.)
    Anyway,i also *seem to notice* that my bloodsugar,energy and especially sleep have improved trading all starch for simple sugars.
    Accidentally i stumbled upon this study that found that the testgroup with a diet high in fruit&(lowfat) dairy while very low in grains&potato improved&restored insulin sensitivity.


    The study with the fruit and milk kind of reinforces my belief that vegan is not the best way to go. I can understand having an aversion to killing animals for meat but I think that eschewing all animal products is folly. I believe all fruit diets are just generally bad. The fruit needs to be coupled with protein and if there is no lactose problems, milk protein is a good easily digested source. I think some people do better on fruit diets than others but some additional sources of nutrition are needed. When I first watched the freelee vids years ago I must admit it was compelling to see a skinny little Aussie girl bouncing around with all kinds of energy saying you could shove as many calories of fruit in your face as you want and still loose weight and feel good. After much research into the backstory though, i have found that things are not quite what they seem. Don’t take everything at face value.


    Dutchie, I’m happy that your GP says it doesn’t look alarming:)
    Thanks, jdubs for the comment about not taking everything at face value. That’s what I would have done years ago but now I posted on here, did a bit of research, thought about it and am now happy eating everything with just a bit more fruit. Judging by my energy, return of my period, and just overall healthy feeling, what I’m doing is working for me. Granted I’m not loosing the weight I gained re-feeding but I know that that may take time and I’ve only been at this for 3 months so what I need is patience.


    @Jdubs I agree with you,for instance B12 is something you can’t get from fruits (or vegetables).
    Apart from that,I also think it makes for a better acid/alkaline balance and just tastewise;)

    What was did you find out in the backstory research? She’s probably a nice person,but she comes across as a bit of a Barbie doll-type girl to me.

    Do you think,you can still eat as much fruits&sugars without getting fat when combined with animal proteins? Some studies suggest that sugar increases metabolic rate and the need for more daily calories without gaining weigth/getting fat by thermogenic effects. I wonder if those extra calories need to be sugars/carbs in order to keep the high metabolism without gaining or that more saturated fats also cause no fatgain?
    Anybody any thougths or experience?

    What’s the point of losing the weigth now anyway,if you’re gonna gain it again when pregnant.:)

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    When I started to add animal protein back to my diet from eating all raw mostly fruit I did not gain any weight (I weighed 125 and still do). Though, my total calories went down considerably, as protein is much more filling to me and prevents me from eating.

    After seeing this thread the other day I started to think about the good time I had on the diet, so for the last few days I went back to eating all fruit- oranges for breakfeast and as many bannanas and dates I can stomach throughout the day (blending the 2 with coconut water kicks ass). Oh my! my constipation went away… feel so relieved, so much lighter,digestion not slugish, lots more energy- even went running and it felt fun, not stressful.

    Going low carb high fat lots of meat/dairy really f’d me up. which is why i’m in the trouble that I am today (left me practically in a coma with impaired digestion and so forth). I’m really starting to question how much fat I really need in the diet; carbs seem like a much better productive energy source.

    I know better now then to restrict my diet to an all fruit/raw. Though, for now i’m considering making it my main food choice and “supplementing” fish, beef-liver, shell-fish & pastured eggs when feeling the need- as least as possible.

    This site has lots of great info/perspectives on fruitarianism (well, actually all raw-food as well as primal/paleo views) –


    The all-fruit diet is wonderful for many reasons. Your digestion becomes fast and easy, and the sugar provides lots of easily accessible energy. Unfortunately, it’s way too low in protein. I’ve never seen a veteran fruitarian with decent muscle mass, and it seems to me they age quickly.

    But throw in a couple hundred grams of lean protein, and then you have a sustainable diet!


    Do you guys think that fruit makes you more hungry? I’ve been eating more fruit recently along with other things too and I’ve noticed that I’ve been hungrier the past few days. Maybe my meals aren’t big enough and I that’s why I feel hungry a few hours later (usually 2 but sometimes less) but when I wasn’t eating fruit it was because I had read that it made you hungrier. I don’t really believe that but just wanted to check it out.

    Also, what about all that raw fruit hurting your pancreas? Is that just baloney?

    Finally, I’m curious too about Dutchie’s question regarding eating lots of fruits&sugars without getting fat when combined with animal proteins? What about if you also have some starch?

    I guess I just shouldn’t worry about any of that right now and should just eat what I want- lots of fruit, protein, whatever.


    How much protein are you eating with the fruit? For me, consuming a large piece of meat (or Greek yogurt or something) along with the fruit solves the appetite problem. I think the reason that sugar often increases appetite is because the body is craving protein, and sugary foods are usually very low in it.


    @David, this morning I made cottage cheese pancakes and had those with 1/4 banana and some berries. I used about a cup of cottage cheese and ate the majority of the pancakes for breakfast and snack although my husband and daughter had 2. For lunch I had 4 oz grass-fed meat with boiled potatoes and romaine. For dinner I had 2/3 of a big peach, some grapes, a few ounces of fish, and corn. I think I’m eating enough protein… oh and for an afternoon snack I had 2 eggs, 2 slices sourdough toast and 2 biscotti. It might just be that I was hungry and needed some food.


    That’s true. You may just need more food. But if you wanted, you could also try increasing protein beyond the level you’re at now. I agree that you’re eating enough to meet basic requirements, but what you described is really a pretty moderate intake. For many people, protein is the most satiating macro, so increasing it might fill you up better.

    By the way, your meals sound delicious!


    @saisrice ive noticed that you ate the fruit/sugar together with starch(flour from pancake,corn). Back when i started eat4heat i had all combined in a meal too and i always felt ravenous,partly bc my bloodsugar was all over the place i think. When i left out all the starches it improved.



    Why do you want go High Carb Raw Vegan?
    I tried for over 2 years, and I wouldn’t do it again.

    If you look at her videos in some of them she wear gloves.
    She is not anymore raw vegan, she started cook.

    I do like fruits, but I like them as dessert , or added to meals.

    @ Dutchiee
    Do you have problem with starch?

    Banana in oven good an idea, how long do you bakeI do not like overbaked/cooked bananas.

    I see that you follow R.Peat, how many calories do you eat ?


    @Positively its not that i hate starch,but starch doesnt seem to like me much. Especially the agrains,gluten&non gluten.

    I dont have an exact time they should remain in the oven,you just have to keep an eye on them. I usually buy the pretty ripe already,put the oven on 200degrees celsius and then it usually took about 15 to 20minutes until theyre completely black&mushy.


    @Dutchie, that’s interesting about the combo making you ravenous. Maybe I’ll try just having fruit and protein and see how that makes me feel. I didn’t eat starches for a few years and so that’s what I really want most of the time so I think I just enjoy eating them. I’d be happy to remove them from some meals though.

    , thanks for saying my meals sound delicious! They taste pretty good to me and I really enjoy food. Are you doing the milk and banana diet? If so, how’s that going? Once I go back to work I might try something like that as it sounds so nice and simple. While I love cooking and making meals, it would be nice not to think so much about stuff for breakfast and lunch.

    , I was interested in HCRV because of the simplicity of it and the draw that I could just eat a bunch of fruit and be satisfied, healthy and thin. Then the more I thought about it I realized that it may not be the best thing for my health and it may be restricting and socially isolating and I don’t think my husband or family would like it. It would be hard to go out with friends too. I think I’m just interested in getting my protein from different sources. I was a vegetarian for 10 years and now eat organic, grass-fed meet but am trying not to eat so much chicken or turkey or pork…I’m always curious about different “diets” and what will work best for my body.

    Since eating more fruit I’ve noticed that my digestion is much better but
    I’ve been urinating a little bit more and even have had to get up in the night to pee (this happened for the past two nights). My evening temperature was also low for me last night but I didn’t feel hungry and didn’t want to eat but I think I might have slept better if I did. Oh well. Still a work in progress.

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