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    Still from my experience and not only, I do not recommend high sugar/fruits diet. And many people take Ray Peat studies too extremely like eating a lot sugar.


    Saisrice, I hope I’m not being out of line and you can disregard my post if I am, but have you heard of the site It’s a recovery site forum for people who are recovering from restrictive eating disorders or chronic dieting. The site owner is a member of the youreatopia(YE) forums. She started it when The YE forums were temporarily closed. The members on there are wonderful people who are nothing but supportive and will help you to stay true to your own food instincts and re-feeding/recovery goals. They help silence all the conflicting health and diet chatter. I’m a member and your age and I know many of the women on uzilu are too. If I remember correctly, there is even a woman on there or YE who also wants to conceive. Could make for a great diet recovery buddy.:)

    Positively, I think I might know you. You write just like my email buddy and share a similar diet history. Do you know a Jenny from the US by chance?


    Northerlights, you’re not out of line. Thanks for your suggestion. I have been on youreatopia and will check out uzilu:)

    Jdubs, thanks for reminding me that I shouldn’t focus on weight loss while I’m trying to get pregnant. I needed that reminder and feel good about not thinking about weight loss at the moment. It’s tempting for me not to think about how to tinker my diet to result in some weight loss since it’s what I’ve always thought about for so long but I’m actually feeling pretty good right now just being in this place and nourishing my body with yummy food. This forum is awesome. Thanks for the support.

Viewing 3 posts - 61 through 63 (of 63 total)
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