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High Carb but struggling to get calories up.

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    I’ve RRARFed and my temperature has improved to 37 degrees upon waking. I’m feeling pretty good most of the time.

    I now want to lose some body fat, probably around 20 pounds. In the back part of eat for heat Matt Stone suggests a high carb low fat diet, where you eat 90% carbs… Does this mean that you don’t worry about protein much either? Or is it a 90:10 carbs to fat ratio rather than 90% of everything being carbs?

    Also, the number of calories I require to maintain my current weight is around 3500. Today I have stuffed myself to the point of not enjoying it of rice and potatoes, with just two eggs and a teaspoon of coconut oil, and have only eaten 1200 calories. Surely this isn’t enough? I do feel hungry, but absolutely stuffed to the point of discomfort.

    Just wondering what others thoughts are?



    hi, @Sparrow24. glad that you’re feeling good

    90% carb 10% fat makes no sense, you do need protein. ;) where in “eat for heat” does it talk about that? a quick search for 90% didn’t bring it up. can you quote a sentence?

    my long dieting experience has shown me that most rapid, drastic changes in diet make me feel uncomfortable for a while — my body doesn’t like quick changes.

    also, eating less than the calories you estimate you require on a single day is not a problem; sometimes you just don’t feel like eating as much. the general idea is to listen to your body when it comes to hunger signals. “not enjoying it” is a pretty good warning signal.

    i’d recommend a more gradual shift.


    Thank you for your reply :)

    I’ve just looked it up and I made a mistake, it is in the 180 Kitchen book.

    It says: 90% of the average daily high-carb diet for fat loss should consist of:
    ? Buckwheat ? Groats as porridge, flour, or soba noodles
    ? Oats, whole grain breads for the gluten tolerant
    ? Potatoes, particularly red potatoes
    ? Corn and corn products, including tortillas
    ? Beans, peas, and lentils
    ? Yams, sweet potatoes, rutabaga, and other root vegetables
    ? Rice, preferably brown, but white, particularly high-amylose basmati rice is acceptable if other foods give you trouble

    If I do that though, I am seriously struggling to eat enough calories.


    I don’t recall coming across this information in Matts book either, I know in one of the newsletter there is a testimonial from a young man who suggests trying it out. Either way if you are looking to lose WEIGHT burn more calories than you consume. FAT LOSS specifically you will have better results lowering your carbs, especially on rest days, and consume more carbs on your active days ideally post workout.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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