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The High Cost of Health Care

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    Great article here about an Oklahoma city hospital which set off a bidding war by posting their surgery prices online.

    One of the big challenges of health care in America is the secrecy around costs and the astronomical prices patients end up paying sometimes as a result. I’d love to see this trend continue so that we have more transparency in medicine.

    Thoughts, anyone?

    Matt Stone

    A better strategy is to just go get the work you need done and not pay the bills when they start coming in the mail. No need to fly to Oklahoma.


    I agree, Rob, I like the idea of transparency around pricing. We don’t buy anything else without first knowing the price. I know a few chiropractors in my area who have decided not to take insurance, and it ends up being cheaper than if I went to someone who did take insurance, and they don’t charge extra fees for stupid things like giving me a handout of stretches to do.


    I’m an RN and I have NO IDEA how much procedures and stuff costs. Found out that one simple CT scan will run you about $900. (Son had one in the ER.) We are usually all pretty healthy here and I have a pretty good idea of how much doctor visits and stuff will cost, but the couple of times we had to use the ER we should have taken bets on the total… Inpatient stuff must be horrid, knocking on wood nobody uses that here!

    Off to read the article… perhaps some competition would be good for the rest of us.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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