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High temperatures, but now unable to sleep?

Blog Forums Raising Metabolism High temperatures, but now unable to sleep?

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    I started following the rest and refeeding program from Diet Recovery 2 about a month ago hoping to help with weight loss and also with being tired all of the time. Didn’t matter how much sleep I got I was always sleepy and I had no energy or motivation. I tried a raw diet and I tried a paleo diet and neither helped.

    I decided to really follow through on the rest part as well as the eating and I let myself sleep as much as I felt like. For two weeks instead of fighting to stay awake, I slept every time I felt tired. I was sleeping over 10 hours at night and then napping again in the afternoon/evening for another 3-5 hours.

    When I started out with this, my temperature was around 96. Now my lowest is a high 97, always in the morning, but it quickly rises with food. For the rest of the day my temperature is high – usually up to 99, sometimes 98. I have had these higher temperatures for about a week.

    Now all of a sudden I cannot sleep. I’m still maintaining the high temperatures and I drink if I feel thirsty. But I have been up for 3 days now with barely 8 hours of sleep. I get tired in the evening and want to sleep, but the moment I lay down my mind races with thoughts and will not relax. My thoughts jump all over the place and I can’t calm my mind down. It almost feels like nervousness or an excited feeling. I’ve tried meditation tracks that used to put me to sleep in the daytime, all kinds of salty snacks, warm milk, and nothing is making a difference at all.

    What could be causing this?


    It may just be a phase you’re going through that will sort itself out. Or it could be that you’re having too much food at your warmest part of the day which is keeping you awake at night. Try having less food around your bed time to see if that makes a difference.


    The same thing happened to me the last few nights. I hope it’s just a phase. I’ll try eating lighter at night.


    I’m not able to sleep again. That is very abnormal for me. I usually sleep through the night 8+ hours, same time every night. The only thing I changed: I upped my dairy intake a huge amount from a shot once a day to a quart per day + cheese, ice cream, cream this last week. Not working for me! I’m going back to coconut milk and oil primarily. I was doing great on that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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