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Himalaya salt vs. Atlantic Sea salt?

Blog Forums Nutrition Himalaya salt vs. Atlantic Sea salt?

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    I mostly use and have been using himalaya salt the last couple of years. I also have Atlantic seasalt.
    It seems like the himalaya is only salt that can make me warm and stimulate some bowelmovement(i think its bc of higher sodium&iron content)t,yet it also seems that lately its also giving some negative effects.

    So,last couple of days i tried increasing more seasalt and lowering himalaya. Ive found that seasalt is lower in sodium(dont get that warm from it),but. It actually tastes saltier to me and i find im more thirsty….constantly saliva in my mouth.
    And simultaneously when i increased seasalt,im having t&ese really awefull smelling farts….really smell like rotten eggs!

    so,what gives?
    ive tried looking for pickling or kosher salt but dont se/l that here and i cannt order online

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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