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    It appears I now have gotten very sensitive to histamines in foods,which is probably caused&worsened tenfold by the current humid warm weather&sun. Apparently my metabolism gets very stressed by this weather and doesn’t function properly anymore.
    It is what caused the fluid bump/blister and worsens the fluid retention,red skin,lots of itching,moodswings and constipation.Had a terrible headache yesterday that only became worse no matter what I did or didn’t eat&drank Especially the swelling and the constipation is bad and I do not know anymore what to do.Bc if I’m constipated food stays too long in the gut and creates even more toxins/histamines or in other words stress.
    In the evening&nigth when it starts to cool down a bit and when it’s dark,I sometimes am able to go to the toilet,my moods/anxiety/anger or whatever vansh and I become more calm and positive/hopeful again.

    According to Ray Peat having these kind of allergies (not handling weather well) is a sign of low thyroid.,but I wonder if it’s low thyroid leading to these sensitivities or the other way round? The weather inhibiting proper thyroid function?
    I’d been,as long as I can remember,sensitive to heavy sunligth and looking back now notice the pattern that during July&August for the last couple of years during this humid weather I for no reason can turn into a raging angerball sometimes wanting to punch people in the face….which is totally not me!
    But,in all those years, I’ve never experienced such severe symptoms as now….I really don’t know what to do anymore,bc it basically also ruins the kinda jobs I wanted/searchig for.


    Are you eating plenty of sugar?


    @Cody i live on sugars,it really seems like that certain type of weather really is a major stressor on my entire wellbeing.


    I am intolerant to high histamine foods, too. I realized that was what was causing some weird symptoms after I’d have kombucha or broth. From what I was reading, copper is involved in the process of metabolizing histamines, so it could possibly be a copper deficiency. Also, in my case I think I was eating a whole lot of amine rich foods (histamine is an amine) including seafood, citrus, and tomato. I got some weird rash thing on my arm from being outside for a short time a few weeks ago, and now I guess it could be related to the histamine thing. Crazy.


    Yeah,isnt histamine just fun!
    Interesting about the copper. Ray mentioned copper is also a factor in iron metabolism. Months ago my blood showed i was very low in iron,but now i cant seem to solve the mystery regarding iron meaning that it seems like i need it,yet i also suspect it having a negative effect on me….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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