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Does Hot Outside = Better Metabolism?

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    I’m relatively new to this information. I’ve read four of Matt’s books and have been lurking through the forums for a few days. I have a question …

    If you spend a lot of time outside in the heat, will that raise your metabolism and/or your temps?

    I have noticed that my body seems to function better during the summer, when the outside temperatures are high and when I spend a lot of time outside. Of course, I realize this could be because of the sun, vitamin D, fresh air, more activity, etc, etc. But could there be a correlation between the outside temperatures and our metabolism?

    Thanks in advance for your insights!


    Definitely. I’m still recovering, but when I used to be freezing all the time, just having the ambient temperature brought up in the house would make a HUGE difference in terms of how I felt, even if I had been wearing a lot of warm clothing. The only difference between wearing warm clothing vs. having a higher ambient temperature is that you’re breathing in the warm air, and maybe that makes all the difference.


    Thanks Alatoras. You made a really interesting observation that it’s possible that breathing in warm air helps.

    I just realized that if this is true, it is certainly a wonderful natural mechanism of the body: If we were living without modern agriculture and modern conveniences, we would *want* our metabolism to slow down in the cold seasons when there would be less food available … and we would want our metabolism to speed up during warmer seasons, when food is abundant. Interesting!

    Last summer, I lost 30 pounds without trying hard at all. I was outside in the hot 90 degree plus heat for at least a couple of hours each day. In the fall, the weight loss came to an abrupt stop. It’s only now, after reading Matt’s books, that I’ve realized there might be a connection between the hot season and my weight loss.

    Has anyone else had success with turning up the heat in their home to help with metabolic rate and/or spending more time outside during the warmer months?

    Matt: Are we on to something, or am I reading too much into this?


    It doesn’t work that way for me… maybe because I don’t exercise anymore in summer than in winter (not much anyway… dog still wants to be walked any time of year).

    Ever since I can remember, even when it was 100F outside, I’d beg for the A/C to stay off, as I would get cold in the evenings when I stopped moving (i.e. sitting in from of the TV or watching a movie). Granted, it was a dry heat (~15-20% RH).

    That tells me, my metabolism was slow, even back then… when I was biking many miles a day and staying active as a teenager.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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