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Can you be too hot?

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    No seriously…

    After my breakfast of polenta porridge with honey, salt, stewed prunes and a cafe latte, my temp is 37.6, that 99.7 to you weird non-metric people. This is a first for me.


    I was wondering the same thing after my temp of 100 (I’m a weird non-metric person) after eating chocolate chip pancakes. I felt fine just a bit hot but I was excited that I could have a few sips of something without feeling nervous I’d lower my temp.


    I think if being that hot doesn’t bother you or give unpleasant symptoms,it’s probably not a problem…..

    Seeing the mealsuggestions you gave I’m wondering if you kinda adhere dietary to Ray Peatish foods?(simple sugars,dairy,coffee,corn/rice/potato)

    If so,could you maybe give some starchfree recipe ideas(instructions)? Bc I’m kinda struggling as to what to eat,since the largely liquid diet doesn’t work for me.


    Yeah, today I took my temp after lunch and it said 99.8 F. I had to stop and ask myself “could I actually be sick or something? One of my coworkers did say he felt ill a few days ago…and he was touching my keyboard and mouse..” But I really didn’t feel sick, so who knows. But…feet still cold. Weird.


    With temps like that, I would be really surprised if you guys got sick, as fevers are to kill off virus’s. Seems like running a lessor, but still high temp would be similar, not allowing sickness to get a foothold.


    I’m definitely not sick. I made fish head soup yesterday and had a cup last night which, in retrospect, could have had something to do with it since the fish thyroids were in my stock.

    Dutchie, I do follow a Peatish plan but I don’t avoid starch. I limit wheat but I don’t avoid it, I eat corn and potatoes everyday. I tried on a couple of occasions to give up starch because “Peat said so” but it never did anything positive for me or my metabolic markers.
    Today I had corn for breakfast, lunch was a warm beetroot and goat cheese salad (I guess that’s starch free – kinda), and dinner was a bowl of my fish head soup.

    I find not eating starch to be very restrictive and also massively cuts down on your opportunities to eat salt, which is one of the main things that raises my temps. A jacket spud with cheese and sour cream with a good pinch of salt will warm me up far more effectively than a bowl of fruit and yoghurt and I think the reason is that I wouldn’t salt the fruit.


    I envy you, I wish I had high temperatures, but like you I realised that salt is the most important thing for my temperatures. I don’t ever fancy eating salty things first thing in the morning and so I have to force myself because without it I am starving and cold and shaky, no matter how much I eat. So much for biofeedback! I wish I could just get away with salt in porridge, however I need something really salty like eggs and cheese or sausage or homemade fries, etc.


    @RedM72 I don’t eat starch at the moment,to try to keep digestion going and bc it damaged my gut. Besides the fact that I cant get that masa harina stuff here or ate corn in the past anyway.
    Apart from fries in the past and another dish my grandmother used to make,I never cared much for potato.
    You can still use salt,I always sprinkle salt over Medjool dates.

    Would you maybe willing to share some starch-free meals you eat/recipes ?

    Don’t you suffer from physical/mood issues&thirst when your temps run that high?
    The very occasional times I’d hit almost 37C after eating,my heart pounded like crazy,felt really anxious/lethargic/depressed,craving stuff and so thirsty. So then ofcourse when I drink/eat (potassiumrich?) something the temp&pulse lowers to between 36&36.5 but feel mentally a bit calmer.

    I’m wondering if for years,also during the Lyme years,I’ve lived for so long unknowingly with lowish temps&pulse my body has gotten used to it and regards an increase in temp/pulse as stressful?
    (Bc when these occasions arise,I also seem to show symptoms of adrenal stress).


    Just caught your reply but I’m on my way to work so I’ll post something in more detail later tonight. Just out of interest though, where’s ‘here’? I live in Australia and you’d be surprised what you can find if you know where to look, or shop online. :)


    @redm72 ‘here’ would be the other side of the world for you I guess;) (The Netherlands)
    Oh,I know you can get everything online but for a while I’m leaving it out now to see if I can solve some things.
    If things are going better,I migth add in some potato in winter when it’s really cold,but that’s not hard to find various recipes for.

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