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How much protein should I consume?

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    Hi All,

    I am trying to put on some muscle and wondered what Matt’s and everyone else’s thoughts were on protein consumption. Most of what I have read suggests 1g/lb of lean body mass, but now I am wondering if that is too high. Any guidance would be appreciated.


    I’d suggest Dan Johns book Mass Made Easy I think it is called. Not sure it gives a gram or % expectation but it should help/ be a worthwhile read.


    I have trained for 12 years and gained 60 lbs of lean muscle naturally. Protein consumption is motly determined by your level of calories. You can gain muscle as long as you eat a lot of calories and a minimum of 0.8g per kg of bodyweight. I have tested all kinds of amounts. The minimum works. Keep starches high, fats and protein the same. Say 60/20/20 for example. Dont get hung up on numbers. Just eat wholesome unprocessed foods plus ice cream for desert. Drink half and half instead of milk. Take small steps and see how your weight increases weekly. Keep track of your waistline as well. I suggest HST( as a training routine since it has research backing its methods and its progressive.


    I aim for .5 to .7 grams per pound of body weight. There doesn’t seem to be much scientific evidence to support the recommendation for a full gram per pound of body weight, although for most people it couldn’t really hurt. I don’t go that high for four reasons. 1) I can make gains with half that amount, 2) I enjoy my food better with less protein, 3) I save money, and 4) I have better digestion and feel better overall. `


    Thanks for the advice, guys.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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