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How to gain lean muscle&boobs,eat more, while not raising estrogen dominance?

Blog Forums Raising Metabolism How to gain lean muscle&boobs,eat more, while not raising estrogen dominance?

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    How can one eat more and gain lean muscle mass and I need my boobs back too,but the problem’s that everytime I try to do so….kinda like the RRARF thing,though not forcefeeding(being nauseated),I immediately get bad symptoms of estrogen dominance(low progesterone?) amongst some others everything going to my belly&upperlegs and lots of fluidretention,liverdetox problems etc.
    I’ve read that high caloric intake basically raises estrogen and stresshormones,’because you’re eating more than your body needs so it’s being stored as fat”…and fatcells are estrogenic.
    Looking back now….I think estrogen dominance has been a major problem already from my early teens and that that was why I never had a feminine body but a male beerbelly type gut,flat ass and no boobs,irregular periods,bloating&constipation,depression&other moodswings,facial hair etc.

    Very soon I need to start to seriously train/workout for a course/study(as a sort of practitioner) I’d like to do in order to be able to move forward in life again,after so much jobless years,so I really need to be up to it. But I can’t afford to have this estrogen dominance happen.

    Eating starch,even the smallest amount,seems to tank my energy/moods&digestion and seems to cause immune-reactions=stress probably bc I have a certain gene for an auto-immune disease in which the immunesystem overreacts to starch and the Klebsiella bacteria in the gut overgrowing on it…..which all raise estrogen as well.

    So,this is more within the RayPeat paradigm….but how can I gain without estrogen dominance,so I can built lean muscle,become strong as hell and also built stamina/flexibillity/condition and get boobs back without waterretention and fatdeposits on my belly and other parts of my body?
    I’d love to get a somewhat similar look like the girl in the picture that Matt posted in the newsletter thread….though I still don’t believe she eats around 10K Calories daily unless she works out 24-7.

    Also if people have advice regarding exercises/workout routines&daily schedules,that would be great.(The first CF-box opened over here,but it’s way too expensive for me)

    neeny meeny

    Sounds exactly like what Matt says will happen until the body is comfortable that its needs are being met and then things shift. I also felt worse initially, but then the weight started shifting from belly to muscle. My advice would be: relax, don’t overthink it, eat what you crave, go for walks, and do a little strength training. Also, I’d hazard a guess that the girl in that photo spends most of her day eating and working out to put away that many calories and have that much muscle.


    @neeny meeny Thanx,but for me it doesn’t exactly work that way. And I need to start working out seriousl too now,if I want to start the study beginning March I have in mind.
    The problem’s that it’s not so much a thing as eat whatever you crave&energy,but is a lot about mineral&vitamin and fluid balances…..not even about the amount of calories.
    I think part of the stress-response is all the (over)salting I’m doing to feel warm…..I feel my heart beating stronger/faster and this seems to be a stressresponse.

    Currently I’ve fallen prey to a nasty habit again,which I do not like at all bc I’m gaining rapidly(on the scale) because of this and still not having a normal eating pattern….whatever is normal.

    neeny meeny

    I would go easy on the workouts otherwise you’ll just be adding to the body’s stresses.

    I think the idea is that if you eat and drink what the body craves, those imbalances will sort themselves out. It’s us thinking that we know better and just thinking too much in general that cause the problems – eg. what you’ve noticed with oversalting – just salt to taste.

    As for the scales – ignore them. If you’re adding muscle mass you’ll weigh the same (or possibly even more) and look heaps better.

    Forget “normal eating patterns”, just eat.


    @neeny meeny I can’t go easy on the workouts,I feel like I’ve been fucking around doing stuff half-assed long enough,it’s time now to get serious….I need to train serious for various parts bc for once I now don’t want to let the opportunity on a future pass. I’ve been unemployed and been trying every possible option for years now to somehow get a job,getting a loan to do this study and try to start as a self-employed type of practitioner afterwards is my last chance….and i DO NOT want to fuck that up!I need to be able to lift strong,have good endurance,flexibillity bc I dont want to fail that study and be the wimp of the class who can’t get anything done.
    Because let me tell you,being unemployed so long and having no life is way more stressing to me than any workout.

    Eating what my body craves is also not as black&white for me like that….regularly I crave 2 types of different meals but only one is the rigth one,the other leads me again down the path of hormonal shitshows,gutimbalances,mooddisorders,constipation etc……and its sometimes a very tricky thing to figure out what’s the rigth choice.


    Dutchie, I can’t remember, but have you been able to have your hormone levels checked? I only ask because I refed and gained like 55 pounds, but my estrogen levels were still extremely low and my progesterone levels almost non existent. Do you use progest-e? The progest-e has worked wonders on balancing my hormones and also resting and napping has helped. The weight gain in the mid section could be excess cortisol production. It was discussed recently over at the Peatarian forum. I’m the same Jennifer over at that forum.:)

    Also, are you or have you recently been under weight? The fast weight gain could be from your body trying to hold on to the calories you give it. That’s what my body did. It sucks, but my weight started coming back down as my thyroid numbers have improved on their own. It took about a year and a half total from the time I started refeeding so definitely a slow process.

    But yeah, I understand how stressful being unemployed and feeling like you have no life is.


    Hi Jennifer,

    Unfortunately I’m not able to get hormone-levels checked or buy things like supplemental hormones. The hospitals over here have very basic standard tests so doing bloodwork doesn’t give a trustworthy indication at all….for such a thing I would have to go to a private lab and the prices for tests there are insane!I cant afford that.
    I don’t have progrest-e but I have a vitamin.e oil from a brand over here,but have to use it sparingly bc its not cheap sp I try to go as long as possible with a bottle.

    It migth be excess Cortisol from eating lots of salt with my meals,in order to feal a bit warm and keep bowels moving and absorb a bit of the fluids in the food…..
    I notice my heart starts beating fast&strong. Is that the supposed to be great high pulse bc it seems like a huge stressor for my body….


    Oh, that’s to bad about the hormone tests. The price is insane here too without insurance.

    Yeah, unfortunately I don’t think vitamin e is going to give you the same benefits as the progest-e. From what I understand, the vitamin e protects against PUFA/oxidative damage. With using progest-e, even though I’ve lost about 25 pounds so far, my boobs are just as big as when I was 25 pounds heavier. Usually when I lose weight, I lose breast size right along with it. That and my temps stay higher with progest-e.

    As for the salt and cortisol, I had a long conversation with my doctor about it. Salt is actually very good for the adrenals. When you get the racing heart, what is your pulse rate at, Dutchie? Also, do you take a thyroid supplement?

    I’ve ordered Maca root powder based on my doctors recommendation to see if it will help my adrenals. I’ll let you know if it works. It might be something you could try to help reduce stress hormones/cortisol which would probably allow your body to make more progesterone instead of cortisol. The only issue would be that it’s a root and you have a problem with starches?

    neeny meeny

    I think that if you go for walks, do some strength training, and also some stretching, you will be making progress towards your goals without risking fucking your body up further and consequently your opportunity. Be gentle with yourself and listen to what your body is telling you about what it can handle right now. As Jennifer said resting and napping helps, and it takes time.

    I know it is never black and white – eg. you might have adrenaline pumping and want to run around the block, when what you really need is to sleep, but you can’t sleep because the adrenaline is pumping… but try to find the middle ground, in this example it might be to go for a walk to calm down.

    It sounds like you’re already making progress in identifying what kinds of foods might be stressors and what might be healing for you, but if you’re faced with the 2 meal dilema, maybe try having a bit of both? Or even meditating on it?

    I also know what it’s like to be in an unhappy place and feel the desperate need to DO something about it – take action, be proactive and all that… but taking it easy might be just what you need to do. Give yourself permission to take a break and clear your head.

    Regarding estrogen dominance – before I fell pregnant I had my hormone levels charted and my estrogen was actually normal, but progesterone was low. This gives the symptoms of estrogen dominance. In order to produce progesterone the body needs cholesterol. The body also uses cholesterol to produce cortisol. This is why stress reduction is so important for balancing hormones. You might be interested in:

    Double doses of fermented cod liver oil sorted out my progesterone issues and I fell pregnant. I understand that Matt isn’t keen on fish oils and that you can’t afford supplements, so as a suggestion, maybe loads of homemade ice-cream? That’s what I’ve been eating since I stopped taking the cod liver oil and homemade is heaps cheaper. So that’s something you can DO.

    Don’t know about the salt-heart beat thing, but like I suggested before, just salt to taste – the body knows how much salt it needs.

    Anyway, just some suggestions, hope they help in some way.


    @Jennifer What’s different about the Progrest-E from other Vit.E supplementsI thougth it was just an American brand. I dont take thyroid sups,bc I cant order off the internet.
    The boob thing happens to me too,so I migth be low in progesterone as well…..

    Yes,starch doesn’t seem to be the most optimal for me,this migth be related to an immune-suppressicve gene&gutbacteria I migth carry.
    I know sodium is supposed to be calming for the adrenals but I wonder at which dose….my heart starts pounding and I feel warm and I either feel like wanting to keep on eating and then starch&PUFAS(biggest crap that makes me feel bad) for some reason and/or drink a lot.

    @neeny meeny Napping is not something I feel like….I’ve laid around being lazy my entire life bc of fatigue&lethargy and probably the hormonal balances,increasing estrogen even more. I like going to the gym as it gives me something of a daily pattern,relaxes me&combats boredom.\
    Besides that,walking or cycling is my means of transportation as I dont have a car….but during this time of the year its not much fun to go for a leisurely walk in general.

    I would love to eat icecream.
    During Spring I bougth a cheap icecream machine and tried making icecream from goatsmilk,but it failed horribly….it basically turned out to be one giant frozen vanilla flavored icecube. The problems that icecream either calls for cream or eggs. Cowdairy is not much good to me and I cant get good all natural-fed eggs.

    Still….this doesnt give me a good workout/trainingplan. I’m thinking the rigth amount&types of food will not cause stress on the body…however maybe one needs to increase calories slowly,though I dont really feel like tracking/calculating stuff

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