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Why Is Being Human So Damn Complicated!

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    No, I’m serious. It occurred to me that something is seriously wrong with our species.

    No other animal has to read book after book, blog after blog, just to figure out what to eat, how often to drink, how to sleep.

    Other animals just automatically know what food is good for them, they know how much water to drink, their instincts function as they should.

    I’m just so frustrated I’ve tried so many ways of eating, I’ve done vegetarian, keto, paleo, and now I’m considering buying Matt’s book. BUT WHY IS THIS SHIT SO HARD. WHY DO I EVEN NEED A BOOK! I am spending too much mental energy just trying to manage my sleep, water intake, food intake.

    My problem is… my instincts don’t work.

    – If I eat to hunger, I don’t eat enough calories or carbs.

    – If I drink to thirst I will pretty much never drink anything since I don’t get thirsty. (I am only thirsty if I have just eaten very salty meal or have just had intense exercise).

    – Sleep is bad too, I have very restless sleep and intense dreams.

    There’s so much conflicting information out there it’s insane.
    – “Don’t eat carbs, your body runs better off fat!” vs “Eat carbs, they’re the best fuel source!”

    – “Drink 8 glasses of water a day!” vs “Drink only when you’re thirsty!”

    – “Always eat breakfast!” vs “Screw breakfast, intermittent fasting is the way!”

    Oh and of course all these statements and more are backed up with “science”. Seriously, I thought science is supposed to help us understand things better not make things more confusing. If one study says one thing and another study says the opposite, SOMETHING HAS GONE HORRIBLY WRONG BECAUSE SCIENCE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO WORK THAT WAY!! Science is based on repeatable experiments that prove a hypothesis! Not weird ass statistical manipulations.

    It’s gotten to the point where I only trust the sciences that can be applied to produce a tangible thing, (eg. physics, chemistry, engineering). Because at least then you know, the science is correct. All the other sciences are just a clusterfuck of various industries trying to push their ideologies and products. “New study shows coffee is good for you! [Sponsored by Nescafe]”… “Eat 11 servings of bread a day [Sponsored by USDA]”…

    At least with physics/engineering there’s financial incentive to make it work. If the physics is wrong, the car doesn’t drive, and nobody will buy the car.

    ANYWAY… back on topic… I think there needs to be a new book. A book about how to reconnect with our animal instincts. A way to not need to micromanage all these aspects of our lives that are automatic for other animals. We shouldn’t need to have diet gurus tell us what to eat, it is something that should come naturally. So uh, someone get on this please. I’d do it myself except I don’t have the answer and my writing tends to go off on tangents so I’m not the person to do this. But if you do make this book I’ll buy it. Sure.

    That’s my rant, and first post to this forum.

    Thanks for reading!

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