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    Hi guys. I have a problem. I started rarrfing about 11 months ago. I am just recently starting to experience what feels like blood-sugar drops. I had one that was real bad, was weak and shaky for hours. I have had quite a few where I was just slightly light-headed and dizzy. My doc ordered a five-hour glucose challenge test which I have done but haven’t got the results yet. I fear that rarrfing is causing something to go wrong or that the carbs are causing my blood sugar to crash, please help!!!

    Matt Stone

    You can actually dramatically increase how you perform on a 5-hour OGTT by reducing fat intake and eating extra carbs, which speaks volumes about blood sugar regulation and diet. Having said that, your body is your experiment, and requires an open mind, minimally-polluted by scientific ideas.

    How have you been eating? Have you been exercising? How have you been sleeping? I would be interested in hearing these things before “blaming it all on carbs.” I suspect you’ve been eating a high fat diet, not sleeping well, and not doing much physically.


    Thanks Matt. Yes, I have not been sleeping well this year. Insomnia, bad at times but improved a bit at the moment. I have been eating whatever I want, a lot of carbs, sugar but also some healthy foods and yes, a lot of fat. I eat a lot of meat and eggs too. I haven’t been doing a lot physically, just the odd kettle-bell workout.
    Are you saying that the five-hour test doesn’t really prove anything?? I get my results tomorrow.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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