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Hyponatremia, salt, peeing yellow

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    Hi all,

    As far as hyponatraemia goes and its correlation with a low metabolism (sodium wasting) I had an idea.

    Even with cutting fluids I struggle to maintain colour in the urine, although I haven’t managed to cut fluids completely as I get thirsty, but have milk and OJ.

    I was thinking of doing a few 8-9% solution IV drips to build blood volume and increase salinity, but this could be expensive.

    So I thought that for the same reason enemas aren’t a good idea because the bowel absorbs a lot of water I figured you could put about 200 grams of salt into 500 mls of water and do an enema with that, which would mean absorbing plenty of salt.



    My thought is “be careful.”

    If you are in serious low metabolism trouble, it might be helpful to find yourself a thyroid doctor who knows what she is doing.


    b very careful. I basically did something similar with hypertonic solutions and screwed myself to the point where I dont know if I can even recover now. Id stick with just eating really salty solid foods.


    Some light reading:

    Note in the article: “Rapid correction of the serum sodium by more than 12 mmol/d should be avoided because of the risk of osmotic demyelination”

    A google of ‘osmotic demyelination’ suggests you really, really do NOT want to subject yourself to that!

    If real food is not enough to provide you the results you want, I would suggest you seek professional advice from a doctor, as there could be some serious underlying conditions (thyroid, and kidney problems come to mind).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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