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    Hi all,
    I am pleased as punch Matt has decided to set up these forums, though already worried I’ll spend what little free time I have being even more nerdy…
    Anyway, I’m Elizabeth, 38 years old and first-time mother to Orlando, my 8 month old son. Short bio: my whole family have a strong ‘Candida’ picture- SIBO symptoms, digestive weakness, endocrine problems, early hair loss in brothers, fungal infections internally and on skin etc. Cold and damp picture, sluggish metabolism, stressed-out. Spent years in and out of drs and specialists’ clinics, all tests ‘normal’, but my periods didn’t come till aged 15 and I developed numerous other issues. Was on Chinese medicine for 15 years but had little improvement. I had Chronic Fatigue (CFIDS) for 5 years in my early 30s, followed a low-carb ‘Candida’ diet for 4 years where even things like celery root and spices were banned for being ‘too high in carbs’. I did improve on lots of markers, especially menstrual function but felt cold all the time and always suffered from suppressed colds.
    Anyway, found Matt’s site and amazingly within a month started ovulating properly just by eating more frequently- got pregnant immediately, a happy accident (ahem, thanks Matt). However, I now know that my hypothyroid problems were interfering with the pregnancy and ultimately poor Orlando was not in the right position…. went to 42 weeks, had to be induced, but surprise surprise he wouldn’t come out. An emergency C section turned into a massive haemorrhage (again Broda Barnes identified poor clotting in hypothyroid) and then I needed operation after operation (3 in total) to stem the bleed (think I lost 5 litres)- luckily they stopped short of removing my uterus, but that would’ve been the next step.

    It took me a long time to recover. 1 week later I was back in hospital with an infection, watching in horror as they pumped me full of some of the strongest antibiotics known to man. We both developed thrush of course, and after that I was in terrible pain from all the subsequent inflammation.

    Since then I have suffered majorly from post-partum anxiety, which I am managing with meditation, but I guess I am pretty angry my problems weren’t ever picked up. I knew things weren’t right, asked for a thyroid test which of course came back normal, but when Orlando wouldn’t get into the right position, I kept telling them this was to do with my thyroid. How many other women have problems delivering due to undiagnosed thyroid problems- a great many I think. I’ve met quite a few.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short…. I’m now experimenting with taking small doses of thyroid glandular. I tried taking it a while back, but just a 140mg dose made me feel horribly wired and anxious, so now I’m starting again. I’d love to hear of anyone else’s thoughts, experiences of this condition- whether glandulars have helped, and should I be taking adrenal glandulars too (Danny Roddy says not, others say yes)- long history of adrenal symptoms. Anyone tried iodine (I’m now taking a low dose, craved seafood massively in pregnancy).

    Basically I want to sort this out- mainly now because of my son, who is already showing a hypo picture (cold and clammy, flat feet, permanent constipation).

    Sorry for the ramble. Looking forward to hearing other thoughts on this thorny subject xxxx


    I was diagnosed hypothyroid and tried desiccated thyroid and Thyroid-S. the dedicated had no effect at all and the Thyroid-S made me weak and caused me to have bladder control issues. I am back to resolving my hypothyroid via food and am feeling much better. My morning temps are up to 98.4, were in the 95’s when I first started all this. I sleep and feel much better.


    Hi all, I am pretty new around here and think everything you guys have to say is pretty interesting.

    I had a question, I was reading 180 Metabolism last night and read a paragraph that says if you actually have hypothyroidism the book may not be able to address that. I do have hypothyroidism and have been taking armour thyroid for almost two years. My basal temperature this morning was 96.7. So can I still boost my metabolism with RRARF?


    I was just diagnosed as hypothyroid by a nurse practitioner, so I decided to do some research and found a great website called Stop the Thyroid Madness. There are some great articles on there about how to start thyroid medicine, which ones are desiccated, and why you may react the way you do to them. I found it very helpful. This is one of my favorite articles:

    Hope that helps. I found it really interesting how slow you had to up your dose!

    ashleybarrett, I would give refeeding a try. While it hasn’t fixed all of my symptoms it has made many of them better! Also, according to the website I mentioned above you may not be taking enough armour. That is just my guess, I really don’t know. . .


    Thanks for the comment and link!

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