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Ice cream lowering metabolism?

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    Does anyone else find that ice cream actually makes them cold/lowers metabolism? When I eat it, often before bed, I get dry mouth, eyes and skin and wake up with swollen gums next day. I haven’t taken my temps so I don’t know how it effects it, but I’m certainly colder after ice cream.


    Matt can answer better than me, but I believe that in eat for heat matt wrote about something similar and he says that this effect is due to a possibly intolerance. He also talks about the possibility to acclimate the body to the substances causing intolerance. I hope to be clear, because my english is far from perfect. XD


    i’ve had some weird experiences eating too much ice cream before bed, so I only eat about an 8th of what I was forcing myself to eat before, and I feel fine. part of this process is learning to ignore your brain and pay attention to your body, so don’t feel like you have to force feed yourself ice cream if your body isn’t responding favorably to it.

    Matt Stone

    Ice cream is a tricky thing. Perhaps it is the coldness that is too much for some – triggered a stress reaction and rise in adrenaline due to falling body temperatures. It’s not necessarily an intolerance issue, but it may be as well. Amen Hazmatt on paying attention to the body and adjusting accordingly. If you know how to interpret signs of stress, high metabolism/low metabolism, you actually could listen to your body effectively.


    some ice creams use vegetable oils instead of cream. Make sure to only buy ice cream where they use cream.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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