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Ideal temperature pre- and post-ovulation? Also daytime vs basal

Blog Forums Raising Metabolism Ideal temperature pre- and post-ovulation? Also daytime vs basal

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    mighty m

    Re-reading the temperature-taking advice in the Diet Recovery 2 Appendix II (pp163-5), and not sure I get all the ins and outs of basal vs daytime, and pre-ovulation vs post-ov’. [Talking oral here. Maybe with a higher metabolism I’d be into anal, ha!]

    Is this a correct interpretation of ideal temperatures for women?:

    pre-ovulation, Basal (first thing in the morning): 98.1+/-, because it is suppressed by estrogen
    pre-ovulation, daytime: 98.6
    post-ovulation, basal: 98.6
    post-ovulation, daytime: 98.6+

    – Pre-ovulation, it’s OK for the basal to be lower than 98.6?
    – So daytime should ALWAYS (or let’s say USUALLY) be able to get to 98.6, even pre-ovulation?
    – And post-ov is where you can hope for the really hot near-99s?
    – For me, since I started beasting the warming meals (about 2 months now), the daytime temps are often strong (98.4-8) but the basals, though improved, are slower to climb (about +/- 97.8 pre-ov, 98.0 post). Is that typical?

    Am seeing general benefits from “ETF” so inclined to continue (despite the predictable size gain), such digestion, sleep and drastically better strength in my ankles (had lingering weakness from old tendinitis). The sluggish basal temps shouldn’t be a red flag, or should they?

    Before, I knew I was way low, so took temps sporadically but didn’t sweat the specifics, knowing I lucky when I hit 98.0 … EVER. Now I think I’m getting closer, and wondering HOW close I am.

    Thanks all!

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    My understanding is that 98.6 is a daytime average, so sometimes you’ll be lower, sometimes higher. Basal temps are generally lower. Most of the stuff I’ve read seems to indicate that a BBT of 97.8 or above pre-o is good and post-o would be necessarily higher than that. One of the FA books I read said that pre-o temps below 97.5 indicate hypothyroidism. This cycle my pre-o temps are generally in the 97.5 to 97.7 range which is corresponding to a reduction in the swelling of my thyroid gland. My daytime temps are still a little on the low side, so I’d like to edge everything up a bit more, but if I were where you are I’d be feeling pretty happy.

    The other question is how do you feel physically? Do you have energy, libido, warmth in the extremities, etc? I’d think that starting to focus more on maintaining the improvements you’ve made rather than necessarily striving for higher numbers on a thermometer would be reasonable as long as you’re feeling good in general.

    mighty m

    Wow, if the BBT’s you mention are considered strong & healthy, then I’m actually in the ballpark! Much more doable than getting to 98.6 upon opening my eyes, which is one interpretation of what Matt wrote in Diet Recovery 2. But 98.6 first thing just seemed a little high, because if you wake up already at 98.6, especially pre-ov, you’re gonna be burning up by a midday post-ov. PANCAKES, and plenty of them, will get me to 98.6 but not, ya know, just being alive in the morning. I am not a morning person, ha ha.

    Congrats on getting into the higher 97’s this go-round! How do you know your thyroid was swollen? Does it feel uncomfortable in your neck, or did you notice it visually?

    I’m much better off with all those metabolic signs than when I started “beasting it” (reference to that recent movie, Beasts of the Southern Wild, a wonderful crab-gobbling scene). Digestion and insomnia were my most disruptive symptoms, and I’d say the digestion is basically strong so long as I don’t chug water or eat a lot of salad, and the insomnia is increasingly less common, so long as I’m careful to eat plenty all day (I even have a ritualistic nightcap snack) and not overexercise. Libido — mind is willing, flesh still a little weak, but at least I have some lube again! TMI. Energy is OK, but it’s still SO EASY to crash my temps for a day or two or have a sleepless night if I exercise even a little too much. I think that’s the next frontier … the capacity for robust exertion and just being able to be spontaneous physically.

    Edit: I would add, I do have a problem with my temperature crashing around 10pm, back down to basal levels and getting a little cold, etc. I hadn’t been taking temps at night, but started doing recently to check in with progress. Maybe this is related to the insomnia … probably would’ve been much worse a couple months ago. I started my “nightcap snack” based on intuitive cravings, seems there might have been some biology behind it. BTW my snack is sourdough bread & butter & jam with salt, plus yogurt and honey. Dairy & gluten & sugar! How I once missed them! Cautiously experimenting with more liquid by adding a real childhood delight, chocolate milk. mmmmm

    Thanks for responding with info! Cheering you on!!!

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    YarnJess, I just wanted to say that I knit obsessively! I love the nic :)

    Mighty M, those temps seem to be pretty close to mine – although I hit the low 99’s post-o. That’s recent though, before this cycle, I was usually in the low to mid 98’s. It sounds like you’re on the right track. I have a snack at bedtime every night too, if I don’t, I will wake up at 4 am for the day :(.

    Lack of sleep will crash out a lot of us… that’s happened to me too, if I don’t sleep well it doesn’t seem to matter what I eat, I am just cold. You mentioned your temp being cooler at 10 pm, that’s pretty normal, from what I understand our temps take a dip around that time to ready us for sleep.

    Enjoy that chocolate milk – use whole milk and put a splash of heavy cream in it.. yum!

    mighty m

    Thanks, Finngarian! Always like your comments.

    The temperatures you mention are daytime (post-breakfast, etc) right? Not first-thing-in-the-morning (basal)?


    @mighty m My thyroid is visibly enlarged, though now less so than previously. The right side is still a little bigger than normal, but the left side is almost normal. It’s been that way for several years. My GP noticed once about 3 years ago, tested my TSH which came back in the normal range and didn’t pursue it. It was tested again about a year and a half ago while pregnant, but came back low normal. So, despite the enlarged thyroid, which to me seems to indicate an obvious issue, everyone said I was fine because of one blood test level. I didn’t know enough at the time to either push for further testing and an official diagnosis or figure out how to fix it on my own. Until I found 180D last fall/winter. I started eating more (not hard while breastfeeding) and making sure I took naps when my daughter did and felt better during the cold weather than I ever have. I just started charting my cycle again a couple months ago, and thus starting taking my temp regularly. It’s been a little over two weeks since I started specifically trying to raise my temps. They’re on their way up. The thyroid reduction is a happy bonus. :-)


    Mighty M – you’re welcome! Yes, those temps are always basal, I take it before I even get up out of bed.

    mighty m

    Holy hot water bottles, @Finngarian! That is amazing. I’ve seen those numbers on warm afternoons, but nothing like them first thing in the morning.

    Furthermore, my “basal” reading isn’t as strict as yours. I use an analog therm which takes several minutes, and I always get up and pee first, and I move around to start breakfast, etc., while taking it, it’s way too boring otherwise. I would love to see basal temps consistently above 98 (got some 98.2’s last cycle post-ov, but that was my record for basal) … maybe this ovulation will kick it up there? C’mon egg!!

    — good for you taking the initiative. It’s amazing how committed to certain flow-chart procedures and tests medical people are … it’s hard to interest them in something that’s objectively unusual, unless you’re bleeding and missing limbs. But, you can always get a prescription for SSRIs and birth-control pills, that is never stinted. I’ve become a little jaded lately!

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