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When did you see improvements?

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    Hi, I am new to the forum but have been refeeding for almost 2 months now.
    I am breastfeeding an almost 6 month old baby boy and do not get any sleep at night and do not exercise right now either. I have seen an increase in temps by at least a degree and have put on 10+ pounds so far. (All the weight I had lost right after birth (I usually lose weight like crazy when breastfeeding!) Gah!)
    Anyway, other than temps going up, I am not seeing any other improvements that show an improvement in metabolic rate. I have been constipated for the last 6 months for example and haven’t seen much improvements. I guess I am getting a bit discouraged since all I have to show for it is weight gain without other benefits (not even increase libido…) SO when did you all see improvements? (My baby’s metabolism has improved thought and he went from 1 BM a week to 2 BMs a day!)

    Wondering what I need to do at this point since I feel that without proper sleep, all I am accomplishing is gaining weight.
    Exercise and meditate?
    Should I stop refeeding so much and reach a more balanced state right now until I can finally sleep through the night and exercise some? Or has it just not been long enough to see improvements yet?

    Thanks for any insight you may have! I am getting very discouraged (I feel I could deal with the weight gain better if I saw improvement in health in general) THANKS!


    I’ve done the refeeding for a year and I still don’t have consistent temperatures even with a 40 pound weight gain. In fact, I ended up using the cold hands/feet as a indicator that I had to do some exercise or eat something–my body just doesn’t like to be at 98.6 all the time. However, I did notice improvements in my periods. I no longer have menstrual cramps and I’m very regular. My skin is better and mysterious rashes have disappeared. I did notice gradual improvements in sleep patterns. I decided to stop refeeding because of the 40 pound weight gain. I just can’t fathom gaining any more on my 5’5 frame, low temps or not. I’m back on a WAPF style diet since it is the least restrictive
    diet and intuitively I think it’s right for me. I’m also exercising regularly again.

    Refeeding worked somewhat for my hormones, but not for consistent resting temps and the 40 pound weight gain is yucky. In the end, I still think it’s about finding the right balance–a bit of portion control and moderate exercise that doesn’t stress the body. That’s what really works.


    Thanks for responding!
    I guess your post made me think that maybe I have a hard time seeing the improvements too because I am so sleep deprived.
    I *think* I see an improvement in my energy but it’s hard to tell when you need sleep. I guess I was expecting the constipation to go away rather quickly.
    I haven’t started menstruating yet since the birth… it would be nice if I could not have it being painful like it used to! We will see!
    Glad to hear about your improvements and thanks for sharing!

    I think I am getting the sense that I just need to go with my body on this.. Right now, I am thinking, keep eating like I have been because I think my baby needs it too (When I eat WAPF style, I end up restricting without meaning to…) and I will increase exercise as long as I don’t see my temps drop.
    I am up to 97.5 or so in the morning… after breakfast I usually reach 98 and then it keeps going up until night time.
    I just keep thinking that if I could only sleep and rest at night I would wake up in the 98’s…
    But it might be a while before I get to rest at night. Sigh.


    Don’t feel bad, Blossom. You are doing better than I am with your temps. I have been doing this for a year. My morning temp is still 97.7 & I only get up to low 98’s after eating, but it comes right back down shortly after. I don’t bother taking my temp anymore, at least for now. I am an old person so I may never get there. I think you will be fine when you can get decent sleep.


    Linda, you are going to get there. Check again tomorrow morning, okay? :-) You are NOT too old.


    Well, thank you katezaar. I’m taking a break on the temps because I don’t want to obsess over it. For now I am working on exercise & a better mental attitude.


    @Blossom — i have at times serious sleep disturbances, and it’s pretty clear to me that that stresses me, and that a lot of my issues are connected to it. restrictive dieting was also a stressor, and without it i am doing much better (no quickie weight loss either, but eh, i’m just not built for speed). not stressing about weight matters as well. i know this is always easier said than done, and i used to be too impatient, but there’s been no other way; no pill, no diet, no fad anything that has helped in the long term..

    improving sleep is where i’d be looking to focus in your place — difficult to do with a new baby, yeah, but definitely try that. also, 2 months is not very long. fixing your metabolism is not a short-term proposition. we’re not just talking weeks here; this is a program for the patient. i’ve been slowly improving all-around for the last 3 years. no quick fix, alas.


    It took me 3-4 months of tinkering around with my diet to finally figure out what works for me. For me, I have to really keep my sugar intake low. Sugar drops my body temp at warp speed. Liquid sugar especially. Mexican cokes, syrup, Gatorade, Sierra Mist, OJ, you name it, drops my temp very quickly. Sugar in food doesn’t do it as quickly, but I still need to avoid it for the most part.

    So, 3-4 months I was up and down, back and forth. After that time, I realized I had to stick with starch, saturated fats, salt, and proteins. Very, very little sugar. Since I did this, my temps have stabilized. I am 98.2 to 98.7 throughout the day, like clockwork. But, even now, after doing this for 3 months, a little sugar, even 3 sips of Mexican Coke, and my body temp drops anywhere from a half to a full degree. I just avoid sugar for the most part.


    @jaketthomas I am assuming you found the same kind of results with consuming fruit? That’s discouraging – I’ve been upping my fruit intake, both fresh and dry and haven’t noticed feeling colder, but not warmer either though I’ve haven’t been taking my temps – my temps don’t seem to follow closely how I feel.

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