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Any help for improving blood sugar?

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    Does anyone have any tips for improving blood sugar long term? No diabetes that I’m aware of, but my son and I are both having some blood sugar issues. I know the typical…add fat, fiber, or protein. He’s started waking up to pee in the night when we have white rice at dinner, or a big dessert at dinner.



    Here’s an article about Improving Glucose Clearance on site.

    The short version is: improve metabolic rate through quality sleep, ample calories (especially carbs), prefer saturated over unsaturated fats, engage in sensible and sustainable exercise that you enjoy, and reduce stress. Also, pay attention to when you have bouts of ‘low blood sugar’ and act quickly to intercept them with something salty/carby like some crackers or dried fruit or something, and avoiding fluids. By keeping the body from ‘crashing,’ you avoid activating the stress hormone system and keep the body in a pro-metabolic place where blood sugar issues are uncommon.

    Over time, by supporting the body and improving metabolic rate, glucose clearance improves, and blood sugar normalizes.


    I was born hypoglycemic and had a terrible time in the past with my blood sugar dropping (during ED and before it as well). Mine was consistently acting up during recovery until I started Glutamine (for mental health, stomach issues). I really believe there is a connection. Any ideas on why this would be, Rob?


    I have some powdered glutamine, I might give it a try. I wake up *every* night starving and cannot go back to sleep unless I eat something. I’m worn out. Interestingly, it stopped happening when I was on some antibiotics (well, natural ones). I’ve been a little panicky since my son started waking up too. I am not trying to have a party every night at 3am.


    I think my blood sugar crashes in the middle of the night usually happens around 3 Am, I wake up and my heart is beating like crazy and I feel this increased adrenalin rush. What can I do to minimize or eliminate this from happening?


    hi all,

    here’s a post i made in another thread about my experience with blood sugar, you might find it helpful (it’s at the bottom)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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