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Increasing carbs for heat but experiencing lots of muscle tension

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    So, yea… basically I had went low carb for a few months and started to experience low energy and constipation. About a month to a month and half ago I started intruding carbs (mostly simple sugars) gradually back into my diet. All was going well untill a few days ago I decided I wanted to try to up the heat by consuming more carbs from starch in the form of grains. So, I ate some sour dough english muffins(with coconut butter) and some steel cut oatmeal(with coconut butter) once per day.

    The warmth I had felt from those meals was amazing. I didn’t check my temp but I could just feel it, my whole body was tingling, my mood was uplifted and my heart seemed to be beating faster. However, my muscles (mostly my neck and hands) got really tight within 10 minutes of consumption.

    At first I thought maybe gluten, but it happened with the gluten free oats too. I thought maybe I can’t handle the lectins, so I eliminaed them both and went back to my simple sugars (fruit, honey, maple-syrup), but now it happens (get tight muscles withen 10 minutes of consumption) every time I consome any type of carb even in small amounts. tried white rice too…

    The warmth and speedy metabolism was so great. Though, according to many from various sites they seem to say that pain (muscle-joint) as well as heat and faster heart beat are all inflamatory responses.

    So confused. I’m aware of what my body is doing, but don’t know what it’s trying to tell me.

    Sugar/statch seems to be the cause, but wondering if it’s the main culprit. could it be something els is wrong with me that is reacting with sugar/starch? and not the sugars fault…

    has anyone els experienced this?

    Matt Stone

    Increased pain from adding carbs back in is normal, although not necessarily to that degree of severity and that instantaneous. Definitely sounds weird.


    I know proper carb use,is said ro be dependent of enough vit.D
    Are you maybe low in vit.d?

    or maybe low in.magnesium or not enough protein?


    Kakti, did you feel pain or just a tightness and possible twitchiness?
    When I first started back on the carbs I would get that initial flushed feeling along with twitching muscles and an inability to sit still. It wasn’t necessarily involuntarily twitching but a tight,strange feeling which made me contract them in a twitching fashion to try to get some relief. Now that I am past that initial carb high feeling,I’ve noticed my body feeling much calmer. When I first started eating carbs after two years on almost zero carbs everything did it to me, oatmeal, bread, fruit,etc.


    try some magnesium


    Thank you very much for the replies, it is much appreciated.

    @Dutchie- I have never gone to the doctor to test my vitamin stores. Though, I live in So-Cal where i get good quality sun, and I take a 5,000 unit of D3 a couple times a week for good measure. As for protein, not sure what eneough might be. I eat about 100g a day and I weigh about 125-130, this seems to be what my body craves. I squirt magnesium hcl in my milk everyday-as I here it absorbs best when consumed with calcium.

    @Jdubs- it is indeed a tightness. Though, it’s painful when I put that muscle to use- I train martial arts. Yea, noticed a harder time sitting still. My thoughts would race faster and I had the feeling like I always have to get something out of me.

    I’m glad that it’s a normal thing among others and not a personal intolerance. When I first thought about it I only equated the amount of carbs I had been consuming and not the density. Over the last few years I had only consumed whole foods with lots of fiber and such- mostly fruits for carbs- spent some time as a raw foodist aswell. I now think it was the shock of eating the fiber free pancakes with lot’s of maple syrup really fast the set me off, as my body hasn’t had to recruit that much insulin so fast in a long time.

    Other then this hiccup everything is going great. No more constipation and lot’s more enery. So happy. just got to work my way up to eating them pancakes lol.

    thanks again for the help

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    Kakti, I hear you. I just had pancakes for breakfast for the first time in a long time yesterday. Lots of butter and syrup and some fruit.Just a month or two ago that would have lit me up then crash me making me sick. Pancakes were one of my big fear foods for a while. I was so happy. I ate them and not one problem. Another one that used to get me was the oatmeal with maple syrup.

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