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    Hi Ladies

    I’ve recently discovered the cause of our infertility is my low body temps, base basal sitting around 36-36.1 degrees Celsius. I started tracking temps again this cycle; I found an e-book on identifying infertility through charting just last week. The author suggested hypothyroidism but I didn’t agree with her solution – increase iodine. I get plenty. (Non pregnant women 150-900mcg. Himalayan sea salt, half a gram = 250mcg.)

    I prefer not to get practitioners involved, and love Google ;) so I began searching ‘fertility and low temperatures’ and found a guest blog by Matt, which linked me to Diet Recovery. Oh dear. 15 years of on-again/off-again restrictive dieting has messed with my metabolism. No wonder I feel as I do, my poor unloved body.

    I would love to hear other’s journeys and successes when they happen. We’ve been trying for more than 2 years. I started tracking temps soon into our ttc journey (this is when I discovered the 3 day window of opportunity – again, something no-one had ever told me) though I never kept the data. I remember the temperature profiling was good: starting steady and low, a dip, a 3 day increase, stays high until it drops and then period begins few days later. I suspect my daily temps were too low back then also. Why does nobody say ‘are your temps too low?” I had never read or heard that til last week :( Now I know, I’ll be an advocate for others!

    Thank God we can reverse the damage, and thank God for Matt. Blessings all, Michelle xx

    neeny meeny

    Hi Michelle,

    Regarding iodine – I also thought I was getting plenty, but blood test results showed otherwise. I starting taking supplements, then more and more supplements, and the levels in my blood continued to drop. This went on for over six months and my symptoms got so bad I thought I was going to die. When I stopped drinking fluoridated water my iodine levels shot up from borderline severe deficiency to normal levels in a couple of weeks and symptoms started to resolve. When I stopped using fluoridated water for cooking and making up tea (boiling concentrates the fluoride), I felt better than I’ve ever felt in my life. Fluoride interferes with iodine uptake and was used in the past to treat hyperthyroidism – Google it ;)

    However, this did not resolve my menstrual issues (irregular, PMS, heavy, cramping) which had to do with low progesterone. That took double doses of fermented cod liver oil. I fell pregnant within a few months. I think Matt is spot on with eating the food and reducing stress – eat the food to make progesterone, and reduce the stress that burns up the ingredients the body needs to make it.

    I didn’t track temps back then so can’t help with that – but I can tell you that 4 months post-partum I’m around where you are at 36 degrees. Even though my temps haven’t come up (and have even gone down further), I’ve seen improvements in my health from just eating the food.

    Good luck!

    neeny meeny

    Another thought – TCC is another area where it helps to just relax and listen to your body rather than tracking and charting and calculating. The first month I stopped trying to time things and just did the deed when I felt like it, we conceived. Possibly a coincidence, possibly to do with other health factors, but I still think it helped.


    Thank you neeny meeny; I didn’t know that about nasty fluoride! In fact, I believed if you boiled the water it evaporated the added chemicals :(

    Since I’ve just been eating the food (incl my craving for salted caramel icecream I made yesterday for breakfast this morning :D) my hands and feet have not been cold, in more than 3 days! Body temp up to 37C this arvo, my fingertips are on fire! Wish I’d known about this in all the years I practiced beauty therapy…my poor clients during bikini waxing!

    I tracked for a few months initially to find out when I ovulate, around day 18. I decided to track to check it again this month and take a break from baby making, which is when I discovered low temps. I find tracking reduces the stress for me, especially during the ‘2 week wait’. If the temps go down before end of cycle, I know my period is coming and I’m prepared xx

    I was given a promise/prophesy 2 years ago that we would have another child, which turned me 180 degrees! We had tried a few times after Miss 9 was 2 years old but I found it stressful and put my foot down that we wouldn’t have another. God never sneaks news up on you though – He’d been introducing me to the idea over a week before He said “You will have another child”, followed up with “Your body is a temple”. So while I’ve been a bit grumpy with Him for the promised baby not being here yet, I love that I’ve been taken around the mountain to understand I need to treat my body with kindness and love :D

    Thank you for sharing, Michelle xx

    neeny meeny

    Boiling does evaporate the chlorine, but unfortunately only reverse osmosis or distillation removes fluoride.

    Salted caramel icecream? Yum! Could you maybe post the recipe on the Eat the Food! forum and I’ll pick it up from there?

    Sounds like you’ve made great progress in the last few days! All the best with your journey round the mountain :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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