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Inflammation and Muscle Soreness

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    What do you do about it? Please don’t tell me, exercise less, because I know all about that option. I might be in denial, but I don’t care. Supplements, exercises, etc. That’s what I want to hear about.

    Matt Stone

    The only thing that ever really works to decrease muscle soreness for me is to do lighter volume, lower intensity, and exercise much more frequently. I could do 200 pushups a day with no soreness, but I can’t do 50 once a week only and avoid soreness. Pecs will get sore every freaking time if I do it that infrequently.

    Julia Gumm

    Cats Claw and cherry juice after a workout helps me immensely!


    Julia Gumm, that’s a great photo of you, by the way.


    Maybe spray some pure magnesium oil on the sore spot rigth before going to bed?
    Heard many athletes use it for fast recovery.

    It helped me when i was sick with the flu my entire body ached and i felt like a 90yo woman. So rigth before bedtime,i sprayed a bit under my feet and in the morning i woke feeling like 18y o girl!


    @Dutchie, Magnesium has a paradoxical effect on me. I know a lot of people take it for sleep. For me, it has the opposite effect. If I apply or take it before bed, I will be up all night. Same thing with GABA! Explain that one!!!

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    Maybe spray it on in the morning then?

    I know infrared lamps are used for sore muscles too. Maybe a sauna visit?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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