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Low Intensity Routines Suggestions?

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    I’m just beginning to start strength training after a long recovery period, but really have no idea where to begin. I have no previous experience with weightlifting or anything like that. I’m looking for any 30 minute routine or technique out there that would strengthen my core and upper body, and I’m looking for something that I can do at home before I start going to the gym. I’m willing to buy basic equipment — like stretch bands and dumbbells and what not, but nothing too unwieldy.

    Anybody have any suggestions as to where I should look and/or start?

    Steven e

    I’m in a similar position. I always relied on working for exercise. The idea of structured exercise is pretty foreign to me, but seems like what I have to do now. Amber on go kaleo recently posted a series on basic weight lifting and body weight exercise stuff. I thought it was really helpful. I’ve started a basic routine once a week or so from that information.

    Matt Stone

    I think the best system for what you just described is to try something like Hypertrophy Specific Training or HST. It’s a little overly structured and precise for what you’ll probably be able to achieve in a home setup, but it’s really easy on the body and still works somewhat. What makes it easy is that you only do 1-2 sets with each bodypart, and you don’t go anywhere near failure. The program is fully explained on Bryan Haycock’s HST website. Google that ish.


    HST is pretty good.

    Something I found that I enjoy is

    There’s also android and iPhone apps. It focuses on strength.

    Human Torch

    You could try 10×10 (aka German volume) or Vince Gironda’s 8×8 or Steve Holman’s TORQ. The weights are really light but it can make you wicked sore so be careful.


    These all sound great, and will keep them in mind for later down the road. Thanks! But for starters, I thought I’d just enroll with a personal trainer. This was great because he exposed me to all these cool exercises, how to use machines, and really got me going in a way I doubt I could have on my own.

    But, and as one may expect, I fear that over the past 4 weeks he might have been progressing me way faster than my re-feeding body could handle. I’m having a very hard time reading my biofeedback these days, but I’m guessing that a stronger, accelerated heartbeat throughout the day that also keeps me awake at night might be a sign that I’m doing too much? The odd thing is that my temps are very high without hardly doing anything — I sit-down all day and I’m warm, and I’m sweating buckets just from doing the dishes or going for a brief 10 minute walk.

    I would see this as a good sign, except for the fact that my sleep is horrible and my libido is very low. For the record — my sleep has never been great and nor has my libido, but their considerably worse now.

    Hopefully I can communicate my situation and my needs to my trainer without getting any suspicious looks. He seems like an open-minded guy, but all he might see is a 240 lb young man complaining about doing too much work and being stuck in a lazy mentality. But if he does cooperate, I’m not entirely sure what I should say. I know that Matt and Thomas and Rob have recommended low reps, never going to max, no grunting and straining, and taking long breaks between. Is there anything else I should say to him though? (I’d like to hold onto the benefits of having a trainer if I can).

    I get muscle shakiness when I’m doing planks and other stability stuff, but he says that’s good. I’m not so sure though…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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