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    I have Sjogren’s syndrome as well as celiac disease. I’m 31 and my symptoms began after the birth of my first daughter when I was 26. I have also struggled with Ed for the past 10 years. I am currently in the process of reading Diet Recovery 2. I’ve spent the last 8 months on GAPS and then Paleo, eventually restricting more and more till there was nothing left for me to eat. This book is such a breath of fresh air! Finally a book that is telling me its okay to eat whatever I want. I’ve been brainwashed with all the Paleo books and blogs. They all swear that I’ll be able to heal myself by eliminating most everything, but I just end up feeling worse. I’m really hoping RRARF can help me. At least help relieve some of the stress and anxiety from eating. With my history of Ed and then Paleo in an attempt to heal my health conditions, I’ve been controlled by food rules for a decade. I’m ready to be free.
    Matt, or anyone….I was told I have some intestinal bacteria overgrowth. I was majorly restricting all forms of sugar and fruit for months, but it hasn’t improved. Interestingly, I didn’t even notice the bacteria overgrowth until I was months into GAPS/Paleo. I often wonder why I got worse while eating so “healthy”. I even developed another food allergy, to dairy during my GAPS time. My question is, do you believe I’ll be feeding the bacteria and making my condition worse by introducing sugar and grains again, after being without for 8 months? I might add, I’m 5’6″ and 100 lbs. I’m also a nursing momma, so I know I definitely need to gain. I’m living everyday in complete exhaustion and fog.

    The Real Amy

    Trishalv, welcome. Some people here have found digestive enzymes (especially HCl) and probiotics very helpful while initially healing (and even ongoing), as they help with digesting food. A lot of people will have some issues with feeding the bugs at first, but it usually resolves after a short time.

    With an ED history, I would also encourage you to work with a therapist as gaining weight can be hard emotionally, not to mention there are likely underlying emotional issues that led to the ED to begin with.


    Hey Trishalv- second Amy’s points. Also, here’s a section from ‘Vegan Solution’ about candida that may be helpful.

    I’ve been avoiding most starches and sugars because I’ve been told I have candida. Is it okay for me to eat these foods? Am I just asking for candida to bloom again and cause problems?

    When candida is starved it supposedly sends out ?roots? or filaments deeper into the digestive tract and beyond. Thus, starving candida can make candida blooms infinitely worse when you return to eating copious quantities of carbohydrates ? which most eventually will. When you starve candida of glucose, you also starve yourself of glucose. It’s best to nourish yourself well, get good sleep, and optimize your immune system to keep these kinds of things in check. You may experience a profound initial bloom in candida, but this too should resolve itself in due time. Just be persistent and continue to eat lots of the anti-stress, anti-bacterial foods like sugar, salt, and coconut oil in particular.

    Sometimes candida is mistaken for bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine, which can cause problems initially as well. As a short-term palliative, until your speed of digestion picks up the pace, raw carrots have natural anti-microbial properties and can help to properly sterilize the small intestine.

    Good luck!


    Thank you for your replies!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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