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Iron – is Ray Peat right? Or do we need as much as some say?

Blog Forums Drugs and Supplements Iron – is Ray Peat right? Or do we need as much as some say?


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    What do we think about treating iron on the lower end of normal levels? I’m doing this now, but I’m not sure I should. I eat plenty of meat so maybe my body knows what it’s doing? Or maybe more iron would give me more energy?

    Any thoughts? I know Ray Peat like low levels…


    What measurement of iron are you referring to?


    My Ferritin is 35 (range of 15-150). I probably have other labs, but that’s teh one I have handy.

    The Real Amy

    I took iron when I was anemic and have no regrets, but I would probably be hesitant if you’re in the normal range. If a mainstream MD thinks your levels are ok.

    Might be different if you are pregnant because there are very negative consequences to being low in iron in that scenario.


    Ok, thanks.

    I think in this case, I need to find a good mainstream doc and ask them.


    I donate platelets pretty regularly. I was having trouble passing the hemoglobin test that they give you every time. Then I started taking dessicated liver pills, and no more trouble with the iron. Honking huge pills to swallow, however. ;)


    @Annie I seem to be having a weirdd ‘relationship’ with iron(levels) as well.
    Ray once told me ironmetabolism is usually screwed up in people with hypothyroidism an# also has got to do with copper.
    What you can try,before you want to reside to supplements,is eating ironrich foods together with high vit.c foods….it enhances the uptake of iron and see how you feel?

    I do start to think ray is rigth in that we dont need as much iron maybe,bc when i look back when i was a young child one of my favorite breakfastdishes at my aunt was meatballs in coffeesauce. Ray advises to drink coffee to counteract built up of iron.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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