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Is there anyone who has undergone a prk eye surgery ?

Blog Forums Diseases and Conditions Is there anyone who has undergone a prk eye surgery ?

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    One of my friends met with an accident recently. He was injured severely and was on bed rest. Even though he recovered from the injuries after several months, he was finding it difficult to see things clearly. It was creating a lot of trouble for him while driving and doing office work. When he told me about this situation, I introduced him to my cousin who is an ophthalmologist. After doing a thorough check-up my cousin suggested him to undergo a prk eye surgery. He agreed with him and did it. The bandage was removed after some days. He was very thankful to me and my cousin as he was able to see things very clearly with a better vision now. Is there anyone in your family who has undergone a prk eye surgery? Do tells us their experiences too


    Hello there,

    My brother has undergone prk surgery. Me and him, we, actually are suffering from myopia. He got his surgery when he was 24 and there have been no complications whatsoever. He was experiencing difficulty in reading, driving and also in his work due to a vision problem. It has been almost 3 years and the vision is back to normal. I had to get my surgery, which was relex smile instead of LASIK or park because there were some complications with my sight to get it straightened up. The undergone procedure was done about a year ago just before the COVID-19 crisis. And I have to say it has been so much better and also of so use as the situation completely changed to work from home which includes prolonged use of laptops.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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