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    Hello, I would really appreciate some feedback here. I can’t find anything specific to the kidney stones treatment written by Matt. I read elsewhere that they are related to hypothyroidism, yet my temps are more or less ok, some days are above 98.1, but most are 97.5 with only a few days a month at 97.0. I had been advised to increase my water intake and I swear that is when my kidneys hurt, I get full-on IBS symptoms, and finally couple of days ago I passed a kidney stone following a cold sweet drink that was one too many that day. Well, my urologist says I need to drink MORE. The pain during this latest episode seemed to subside when I stopped drinking and ate a little bit of salt or something salty. I have absolutely no idea how to proceed here. Should I ignore my doctor? Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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