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    Hi all. I read the Food Ninja ebook yesterday (thanks Matt!) and it was great (especially the part about lactating women… but I digress).

    However, my mom worry is off the charts now, because my 8 year old daughter has multiple food allergies, and unfortunately she’s probably getting a buttload of AA every day. The part about seed oils was upsetting because my daughter can’t have beef, dairy products, eggs, wheat or corn.

    So she eats turkey, pork, lots of bacon, and nuts… almonds, almond milk mostly. She is a VERY active little gymnast and always on the move so I’m pretty sure her metabolism is good. I let her eat as much as she wants of stuff like cookies (there are only a couple on the market she can tolerate, or I bake them myself), olive oil potato chips, etc. I still worry that she isn’t getting enough calories.

    Any suggestions? Do I need to worry about arachidonic acid with her? She does tolerate ghee pretty well, and we use coconut oil a lot.

    Every time I attempt to feed her one of her trigger foods, she gets a reaction within minutes… red, runny nose, dark circles under her eyes, angry outbursts, itchy rashes, farts that would clear a room… keeping her on a strict diet has made her feel much better.

    Thanks for any advice.


    I thought I would post a typical day’s diet for her…

    Breakfast: some combo of: oatmeal with fruit and butter, sausage or bacon, spelt or rice bread toast with jelly/honey and butter, homemade granola (oats, coconut oil, sugar, nuts, raisins) with almond milk, orange juice

    Lunch: green salad with avocado (she loves salads), olive oil dressing, olive oil potato chips, fruit, tuna, hummus with spelt or rice bread, homemade soup (usually vegetable or turkey), rice, leftover dinner

    Snack: olive oil potato chips, dried or fresh fruit, cookies (TJ’s Snickerdoodles, Pamela’s GF or homemade), fruit puree/applesauce, “veggie chips”, homemade jello, granola bar (oats, nuts, dried fruit, honey, coconut)

    Dinner: turkey or pork loin, salmon, shrimp or other fish/shellfish, rice, veggies cooked in butter, paella, turkey-broth based soup, beans (black beans, pintos)

    Dessert: baked apples or pears, coconut “ice cream”, coconut rice pudding, dark chocolate, homemade cookies

    What do you think? Should I be worried about too much A.A/vegetable/seed oils?


    What a pity no one has replied to you :( i dont have any suggestions except to maybe see a nutritionist to make sure she is getting enough calories? I also think Matt said in one of his books not to stress to much about the AA, if your cooking with butter/ghee and coconut oil your already cutting out heaps of AA.. I hope someone can give you some answers :)


    I can’t give you expert advice re: AA, but I think you’re doing a wonderful job mama! Nice meals with lots of variety. Can she have goat dairy? Anyway, I think, trust your intuition. If she seems to be thriving, believe in what you are doing.


    Have you tried raw goat’s milk? Just about everyone who cannot handle milk well can handle raw goats milk. Depending on where you live, it may be legal to sell like it is here in Arkansas. If not, there will be herd shares or, barring that, a black market, I guarantee you LOL! I would start with a small amount and if she does well with it, increase the amount slowly. You could even get crazy and get a couple goats. That what we did. I have a herd of 12 now :) They are a lot of work though.

    Hopefully she will “grow out of” those sensitivities with time. I had an “allergy” to milk as a kid and I did grow out of it. Good thing because I LOVE milk! I remember choking down my grape juice while all the kids around me were slurping down their beloved pint of milk. *sniff*

    I’d ditch the pork. Pretty much everyone says not to eat it, including the Bible. Perhaps chicken and fish could fill in for it? Turkey sausage is excellent.

    I’d try to take advantage of rice and oats and other grains she can tolerate as much as possible, keep those carbs up. Kids need a lot of them. Another thing, if she goes to public school, be careful she’s getting enough sleep. I remember as a kid being woke up for school every morning and being a total zombie. It was so hard for me to wake up, my mom would wake me up, and then I would dream and I had gotten out of bed and made it to the couch, then wake up again sad that I hadn’t yet lol. I didn’t get in bed late, but I just required more sleep than I was getting. I think that’s screwed up my metabolism early on, I became pudgy after that. Guess that would be around when my milk sensitivity came along as well.

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