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    Has anyone had meniscal tears or a similar knee problem? What course of action did you take? I am wondering what a good course of action may be for treating this. (i.e physical therapy, more alternative manual therapy, home regimes?) Though, I am aware that this is something that I’ll need to figure out, ultimately for myself.

    I’ve recently been told, by a general practitioner, that I have a torn meniscus. It’s come about gradually. I could still walk and even exercise. But, there is intermittent sharp and deep pain that does hinder my overall ability, and I think that it may be problematic to just not do anything about it. The G.P suggested weight loss, exercise, and anti-inflammatory drugs as a means to alleviate the compression of the meniscus. However, I am not planning on going on a weight loss regime. I want to exercise very badly, and I do exercise weekly.

    Some quick background on the situation: I am almost twenty years old. I was relatively athletic. I started to work a job, where I did a lot of lifting and standing. (I’ve left the job) For the past few months, I have had back pain and knee pain. (My main focus is on the knee)

    Yeah so, I’d like to hear anything about your own experience with similar issues, any thoughts.

    Thank you :]


    I would try and seek out a Neurokinetic practitioner. Are you in the states? Back pain and knee pain.. sounds like there could be something shut down around your hips. Any history of injures (ankle?) or surgeries? or do you wear orthotics?


    Thank you, OldMate. I haven’t had any injuries. I’ve had a surgery to remove a cyst in my body, a few years back. Though, the pain is extends to my ankle. I don’t wear orthotics. But, I do wear this shoes that are, like, hiking/street hybrid shoes. So, they have a lot of arch support, which I didn’t really like, but now they’re the pair that don’t put pressure on my knee As when I wear flat shoes, my knee feels creaky and starts to hurt more. Also, I do live in the states.

    I’ll be checking out neurokinetics. Have you had any experience with neurokinetics?


    I am not a ‘qualified NKT practitioner’ but I use it with my clients all the time in Australia. Absolutely amazing results!
    Was the surgery before you started to experience knee pain?

    I could almost bet that its a motor control issue and the the scar tissue from surgery could be shutting down muscles around the hip or in the abdominal region, therefore causing issues at the knee.

    If muscles are shut down in the hip or abdominals, mobility at the hip can be decreased (to create stability) and mobility at the knee can be increased to make up for the lack of mobility in the hip, causing extra strain on the knee.

    I am in no way saying that this IS what is going on in your body, but its quite possible. Id be interested in hearing of your progress after seeing a practitioner :) Good luck!

    The Real Amy

    Maybe you should see a physical therapist. Accupuncture could help, too.

    I would be really wary of the anti-inflammatories. They can create all sorts of other issues.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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