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    More valuable is that Zhou Wu Yao on the court to pass the very place he could find a suitable location to go to when Yao Ming Basketball sent out to. Yao Ming had thirteen points is not high, but still quite satisfactory, the most important thing is he much playing time, I and II are most of the time off the bench in place “machine gun.”

    The Bucks side, Yi Jianlian only got six points, nike nfl jerseys,grabbed six rebounds. Think Yi Jianlian data, Zhou Wu Yi Jianlian reports for the past thought could not help but laugh. I remember a news, Yi Jianlian got seven points, four boards, wrote in an article Yi Jianlian scored seven points. This cut is a bit ironic words.

    Even later, when Lin crazy, there are also some news Jeremy Lin scored twelve words. This cut is being abused. According to Zhou Wu’s understanding, if they can cut, score proved quite impressive, a dozen points, Wholesale nfl jerseys, a fraction of the data how can hack it?

    Half of the game before the start of the Toyota Center invitation came from the domestic Wushu Team and lion dance team performed a wonderful program, can be considered for the Super Derby China adds a beautiful color. After the performance ended, Zhou Wu Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian three Chinese players and teams from the domestic two performers posed for pictures, and meet the requirements of their signatures.

    Performances over, the game is about to start, cheap authentic jerseys,both players began to enter the field. Zhou Wu can clearly see the Bucks players face is very ugly, is estimated to be in the locker room yelled miserable. The second half of the lineup did not make much adjustment, the two sides in addition to Zhou Wu are the first outside developers.

    But really let everyone surprise is opening the second half, the first force players turned out to be Yi Jianlian. Biequ two, he first succeeded in the cast, and then steals Scola fast-break dunk, followed by an inside cover of Snyder. In less than one minute of time, Yi Jianlian scored four, also contributed to a cap.

    After the game, nfl jerseys authentic,Adelman Zhou Wu did not go along with the conference site, although he did well, but do not want to deal with reporters. Adelman had no choice but to go with Yao Ming and Francis attended the press conference after the game. Adelman at the press conference: “The game that we played well off the bench, so we won the game. Frances outstanding performance in recent games, gave the team a great help.”

    The reporter asked the question Zhou Wu, Adelman very formulaic replied: Nfl jerseys china,”Zhou Wu is a very good player, he knows what to do in the field should know what to do to bring help to the team.”

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