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Ladies… Are you still moody?

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    T Will

    I’m not very old yet, but in most of my dealings with women, I have learned one thing. Women are crazy. Now that I have started learning about metabolism, I see now that most of these women don’t eat very much, so I assume its screwing their metabolism. Thus there erratic moods I’m guessing. So let me know ladies, have your moods improved since raising your metabolism? Is there hope for us guys?

    Ps – I’m not trying to pick on women, it’s just I work with some girls who skip breakfast, drink coffee and soda all day at work and then eat a medium sized meal for dinner sometimes. Their moods go from happy to sad to stressed to giddy in about 10 seconds and it drives me nutty.

    Matt Stone

    I’m like that when I’m not well-fed. To the max. The change in mood I experienced when I started playing around with my diet (which helped me to realize my moods were a rollercoaster in the first place and not something being caused by any circumstances) is one of the main reasons I became so interested in health and nutrition in the first place.


    I still have some hormonal mood swings, but overall my mood has improved. I’ve never restricted total food intake, but adding carbs back in and just being able to relax and eat whatever I want has helped immensely. I used to think about food constantly and plan what I was going to eat throughout the day. It made me anxious and irritable…go figure.

    The Real Amy

    How are those girls even dealing with life? I would be a crazy loon, too, if I ate like that! That’s worse even than what I did in my ED days – at least then I ate a few times a day, even if it wasn’t much. Lots of girls are on the pill these days, too, which can be crazy-making for some. And don’t even get me started on adderall and antidepressants – also rampant among women. In fact, if they eat like that they may be on adderall or similar, because otherwise it is very hard to eat so little, and it would explain the mood swings.

    But don’t lose hope, there are plenty of non-crazies out there, too. Most of the women I associate with are as sane as any of us can hope to be. The ones who stay away from the meds at least.


    I think that women tend to be more expressive with their emotions–at least in many cultures–and so their moodiness can be more easy to observe. As I grew up, I learned to be reserved in expressing myself, so it’s harder for people to read my moods than, say, my wife’s. That said, improving my diet makes me more confident, outgoing, and relaxed–which is pretty obviously related to mood.

    So I’d say diet has just as much effect on men’s moods as women’s, even if it’s not as apparent on the surface.

    T Will

    @The Real Amy
    Yeah they might eat more, but the couple times I hung out with them after work, it’s a couple beers and like two pieces of pizza. They like to drink their calories (beer, lattes, smoothies, etc) and they are constantly stressed out, by lots of little things that shouldn’t be a big deal. Yeah the pill sucks, it just seems to mess with some women pretty bad.

    Yeah one of them always gets cravings for food by the afternoon, talks about it to me, but then never actually eats it. I always tell her cravings are their for a reason and it’s good to give into them. She’s getting better, now she will occasionally eat lunch though.


    I was just irritable. Reeeeeaaaally irritable.


    i always wondered why other women were so “insane” etc

    then i started starving myself and welp now i am every bit as crazy (if not way, way crazier) as the other women i used to roll my eyes at


    You bet my moods are better – WAY better! I’m able to let things slide off my back now more easily than I did before. I don’t even have PMS. If I’m cranky it’s usually because I slept poorly, but even that has improved greatly… if I don’t sleep I can usually figure out why pretty quickly.


    I think a mixture of socially-conditioned undereating plus the inexplicably ubiquitous practice of being on the pill is a deadly combination. Never have I been more bat-shit crazy than when on artificial hormones. Adding that on top of the narrow focus, fragility and rigid mindset resulting from mild restriction made things very hard. And I never even restricted anywhere NEAR that badly!!

    In fact, my boyfriend kind of finds me hard to deal with now because I am so rambunctious and generally fine that he no longer can feel like the protective sane one, and is more aware of his own difficulties as a result. It is definitely a common theme amongst ED recoverers that they are HAPPIER and more mood-stable than ever (AFTER an initial period of dealing with lots of emotional shizzle that was locked up before and deadened in ED).

    I don’t think this is vastly gender-specific. Women may have more hormonal fluctuations naturally (you have no idea how annoyingly aware of one’s own crazy you can be, yet unable to do anything about it), but add in the societal pressures to under-eat and be on the pill and you massively exacerbate these differences, rather unfairly resulting in women being labelled as crazy.

    Bottom line- find someone who is not silly about food and get to grips with natural contraception methods, and you should be fine!

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    mighty m

    @imago: Excellent, concise phrase: “socially-conditioned undereating.” Also way too ubiquitous! Sometimes it seems like naturally thin males are the only ones left unscathed by this — either actually DOING it, or being pressured to do it, or both, cyclically.

    Good to point out that young men can also be moody! As David said, it just might look a little different; in my day, a lot of young men had really perfected passive-aggressive pouting; I had a roommate who claimed he couldn’t do dishes because he was “depressed.” Sigh. Still, it’s kind of fun to travel back in time to my youth to contemplate moodiness among my peers … we were so good at moody! The flannel, the Pixies … what is LOUD quiet LOUD but youthful mood swings embodied as guitarbassdrums? Which brings me to an old slogan from those days that bears repeating: RIOT, DON’T DIET!


    As the other ladies mentioned, hormonal birth control definitely makes women crazy. I felt like I was a nutcase when I was on the stuff. I’d be fine one minute and then lose my shit the next. It also didn’t take much to make me cry. I don’t miss that emotional roller coaster.

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